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About Everything Wiki » Web Services » OnePlus has launched a free neural network that creates music and music videos

OnePlus has launched a free neural network that creates music and music videos

23 Jan 2024, 00:04, parser
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OnePlus has launched AI Music Studio, a neural network—based music and clip generator. It is completely free, but registration is required to use it.

Working with the editor is as simple as possible. First, you need to choose the genre and mood of the track, as well as the style of the clip. If you choose pop or rap, the composition will be with words, EDM — without.

Screenshot: Lifehacker

Next, you need to write a prompt: specify the theme of the song or specify the mood in more detail. You can prescribe in detail or leave most of the work at the mercy of the neural network.

Screenshot: Lifehacker

The next screen depends on the selected genre. In the case of pop music and rap, the text of the song generated by the neural network will be displayed on it. If you don't like the result, you can generate it again until a good option appears. When creating an EDM, this screen is skipped.

Screenshot: Lifehacker

After a short wait (from 10 seconds to a minute), the player with the created song will appear on the screen first, and then the clip in vertical format. The OnePlus logo and the author's name are applied to the video.

Screenshot: Lifehacker

We asked OnePlus Music Studio to make a couple of tracks with the "artificial intelligence" promo. In the first case, it turned out to be an energetic EDM:

And in the second — sad rap.

The finished track is automatically saved to drafts, and it can also be published. In the second case, other users will be able to watch the clip and rate it. The published videos will also be able to participate in the OnePlus competition. The authors of the videos with the highest number of likes will receive coupons for free receipt of goods from the official website of the manufacturer. You can submit as many works as you want to participate in the competition, the results will be announced on December 17.

OnePlus AI Music Studio →

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