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Tips about personal finance from famous people

03 May 2023, 06:03, parser
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Personal finance is another rather painful topic and a very pressing problem for many of us. Postpone or invest? If you put it off, then go home under the mattress or better to the bank? And if the bank, which one? And if you invest, where to — in property, gold-diamonds, real estate, finance, or in your beloved and promising?

I think that no one will give you the answers to these questions. Only you can decide what to do with your money. But whether it will be the right choice is another important question.

How many people — so many opinions. Therefore, I suggest listening to the opinion of those who have achieved a certain (or even very impressive) financial success and some publicity.


Historical figures

Henry Ford
Old people always advise young people to save money. This is bad advice. Don't save every penny. Invest in yourself. I didn't save a dollar until I was forty years old.

Oscar Wilde
It's better to always have a steady income than to be charming.

Abraham Lincoln
My elderly father likes to say: "If you have made a bad deal, try to extract as much benefit from it as possible.»

Benjamin franklin
Money has never made a person happier, and it never will. The more a person has, the more he wants. But instead of filling the vacuum, he creates it.


Bob Hope
A bank is a place where you will be given a loan if you can prove that you don't need it.

Will smith
Too many people spend money they haven't earned to buy things they don't need to surprise people they don't like.


Miguel de Cervantes
Wise men try to save themselves today for tomorrow and not put all their eggs in one basket.

Mark Twain
October is the most dangerous month to play on the stock exchange. The same are July, January, September, April, November, May, March, June, December, August and February.

Businessmen and entrepreneurs

John D. Rockefeller
God gave me my money. I believe that the gift of making money is a gift from God... and it should be used for the benefit and development of all mankind. And being endowed with this gift, I believe that it is my duty to earn money, even more money and use it for the good of my neighbor according to the dictates of my conscience.

Donald Trump
Experience has taught me a few things. The first is to listen to your intuition, no matter how good everything looks on paper. The second — it is better to do the business in which you understand. And third — sometimes the best investments — are the ones you didn't make.

Henry Ford
If money is your hope for independence, you will never become independent. The only real guarantee that a person can get in this world is his stock of knowledge, experience and capabilities.

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