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How to use Twitter for the benefit of business

03 May 2023, 05:23, parser
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As you all probably already know, Twitter can be used not only to write what you ate for breakfast. We bring to your attention a list of ideas and tips on how it can be used with business benefits.

Share your experience to gain credibility

  • Help others
  • Share tips in your field of activity
  • Share pictures of conferences, business trips, products and everything related to the case.
  • Publish extracts from conferences and other events.
  • Publish news related to your interests by commenting on them.
  • Share links to articles, but do not forget to provide them with a description of why they should be opened,

Grow your network

  • Ask about the places where you are going – so you will have the opportunity to meet, meet, and maybe do business in other cities.
  • Don't lose touch with people from other social networks.
  • Join groups dedicated to your industry and career (for example, on websites and ).
  • Redirect your messages to other networks using FriendFeed. But think about this step so as not to flood your contacts with unnecessary messages.
  • Combine your platforms: when answering a question, answer briefly on Twitter, and give a link to a detailed answer located on your other resource.
  • Participate in Twitter chats related to your business, industry, career. Given the large number of possible messages in chat rooms, it is recommended to create a separate account for them.
  • Use messages, profile and friends list in order to understand who is in front of you, this will help avoid disappointment in person and save you time.
  • Research trends and use them. You can do this using Twitter search.
  • Search for new clients and new jobs via Twitter. But be careful: not every user tolerates explicit advertising.
  • Keep in touch with colleagues and friends. You never know when they'll come in handy.
  • Get recommendations and give them. Share with someone you value.
  • Ask questions.
  • Answer the questions.
  • Use the search to find topics, keywords and «places ». To refine the search, use hashtags and user names.
  • Post entries regularly throughout the day, and don't shoot in batches.
  • Look for suppliers and contractors.


  • If your site doesn't work for some reason, or there are other technical problems, use Twitter to publish information.
  • Look for experts and invite them to write on your blog or speak at a conference.
  • Look for sponsors for your projects.
  • Arrange a contest on Twitter: it can spread like fire on dry grass.
  • Use additional applications (for example, and ) to improve your account.
  • Track mentions of you or your brand.
  • Respond to posts about you or your brand.
  • Use links to your resources wisely, trying not to be intrusive and straightforward.
  • Get information by creating polls and voting.
  • Share the results of such studies.
  • Indicate your twitter ID on all advertising and informational materials without exception, including the signature in the electric mail.
  • Sometimes write about what you are doing. This will give information about how you work.
  • Try to start a relationship and not sell something to strangers.
  • Write honest and useful recommendations to your friends on resources like Mr. Tweet.
  • Give us links to your presentations and videos.
  • Don't forget to remind you that you are performing somewhere.
  • Let us know about the company's news by giving a brief description and a link.
  • Publish information about promotions and discounts.
  • Inform about the vacancies that have appeared.

Do good and have fun

  • Share information useful for clients and employers – cultivate your reputation.
  • Be correct even when you have a completely different opinion.
  • Save thank you templates for re-tweets and subscriptions for use in direct messages.
  • Use Twitter more often to hone your ability to write briefly but accurately.
  • Do not forget to laugh and have fun, as it awakens your imagination, which is also necessary for work.
  • Publish your goals to make it harder to abandon them.
  • Start the day with Twitter, it invigorates some better than a cup of coffee.

And finally, for beginners

  • Read the Twitter 101 Guide, and other articles about Twitter.
  • Don't forget to add keywords to your profile, but don't be too serious.
  • Don't forget to replace the avatar. For a personal record, your photo is best suited, you won't believe it, —.
  • Subscribe to recognized experts, companies and competitors.
  • Limit automatic actions: they are usually too rude and even harmful.
  • Think about the quality, not the number of records.
  • Be natural and real, just be yourself.
  • Make a cocktail of different posts, including your own, links to others, re-tweets and @replies.
  • Don't panic from the abundance of contacts – organize them into groups using applications such as Tweetdeck and Seesmic.

62 Ways to Use Twitter for Business [ Meryl Evans ]

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