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About Everything Wiki » Android » Pogoplug: building our own cloud

Pogoplug: building our own cloud

03 May 2023, 06:51, parser
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Dropbox, Sugarsync, iCloud are all very good cloud services that you should use to store everything you need. Something that you may need access to at any time, anywhere. But there is one "but" — this data does not belong to you. But in order not to plunge us into the coolest modern holivor — clouds against local storage with backups, we will tell you about one product that helps you sit on the cloud and not give your personal and probably very valuable data to other people's uncles.

how to create your own personal cloud

This solution is called Pogoplug and helps Mac and Windows users build their own file cloud.

Building our cloud

The principle of operation of Pogoplug is very simple — you install a client program on your home or work computer that looks at the authorization web service, and therefore whether you have a dedicated IP or not, there is a VPN or proxy — it does not matter. The main thing is that the client on the computer "sees" the authorization service. After installing the client, you will be prompted to choose what to open — you can choose the data type and add folders.

how to upload files to your personal cloud

Taking data from the Pogoplug cloud

You can get data from Pogoplug as from the web , and with the help of a mobile client that exists for iOS and Android. By the way, several computers can be connected to the Pogoplug account, all systems with a client and a single authorization will have access to their data. By the way, you can stream music and movies from your cloud to a mobile client or a computer on the network.


The disadvantages of Pogoplug, of course, are. The main thing is that while third-party programs do not support this storage, as it happens on many platforms with Dropbox. Pogoplug cannot be compared with iCloud, which is about to appear for all Mac users both in a desktop solution and for all mobile iOS gadgets.

By the way, streaming music and videos to mobile devices is only available to owners of a Premium account, which costs $29 per account. This is a one-time payment and applies to all computers and mobile devices that will be included in this account.


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