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About Everything Wiki » Get Rich » 10 reasons why you'll never be rich

10 reasons why you'll never be rich

08 May 2023, 07:37, parser
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The article is written in a motivational and provocative style. The author and the Life Hacker are not responsible for the disturbed cockroaches in your head.

1. You complain or dream, but you don't

How much can you talk about why you can't do it?! Do you really think anyone is interested in this? If you want to change jobs, change them. Find a place where you will be paid more, and the office will not stink from the basement.

2. A sense of proportion is not about you

Tell me, how could another 50 kilometers be attributed to a trip of 15 kilometers? Okay, if you did it once. One could say that he was mistaken. But systematically fooling those people who pay you will not work.

Okay, if you were only cheating on them. You're constantly deceiving yourself. A fairy tale «another cigarette with friends, and then home and to bed » turns into a trip for a new pack and beer.

 3. Have you forgotten what learning is

Remember how much you liked to dig into the device of a moped. You've been slapped in the neck by your older brother more than once for this, but you still climbed. And now? You're too lazy to even look at the instructions for the router. You ask your neighbor to set up Wi-Fi for you, pay him for it. Yes, you spend two hours of time, look at the YouTube workplace with a step-by-step video and set yourself up.

4. Laziness was born before you

You work. You work honestly from 9:00 to 18:00. Therefore, you think that you have every right to do nothing when you come home. Let the wife work around the house. She doesn't plow at work like you do. That's why you live only on your salary, a third of which goes to rent.

If you worked together, shared the housework, then you would have already collected for a good wedding in a year. There would still be some left. But your wife is just as lazy as you are. Here you are unsigned and living in a rented apartment for the fifth year. At this time, your future mother-in-law rents out an apartment left by her grandmother as a dowry to her only granddaughter. Where is this money going? To a more hardworking brother-in-law who made cosmetic repairs before delivery. And your hands are from the wrong place, then you're tired.

5. Your environment consists of losers

Look around you. Who surrounds you? A wife who gained extra pounds. Colleagues who dream of not getting caught in petty theft. A neighbor who borrows on a bottle. Any attempt you make to change something in your life will be immediately ridiculed. And suddenly you will be able to become better, earn more. You will be a living example that they are losers. As long as you're like them, you don't pose a threat to their self-esteem. And their self-esteem is oh so high, just like yours.

6. You don't keep what you have

Here, explain how you can make a refrigerator in three years? The question is rhetorical, don't answer. I remember how we dragged him to the landfill. He suffocated in the dust. He has never been moved away to wipe after him. It's not your fault, you didn't know! And the wife will not move such a weight.

But tell me, why not buy a new case right away. You dropped a new phone in the first month. There is no money to replace the screen. Now you're walking around with the latest model and broken glass.

7. You're wasting everything on bullshit

Count how much trash you're buying. Cigarettes, chips, cheap beer. We spend the same amount on beer. But for you, I'm a major! Because I don't drink bottled, but in a brewery. It's five times more expensive than your trash. Why don't you start drinking less yourself, but buy quality?

8. You don't plan

Every summer you have problems with rest. The trip abroad that you've been dreaming about all year doesn't work out. The reason is always the same — money. As a result, you spend your vacation in the country. Save 5% from each salary, and you will have a trip. You hide less money from your wife. Oh, do I have to hide money from my wife? Well, from yours it is really necessary. She, like you, does not plan a budget. If there is money, we spend it, if there is no money, we cry. It's about both of you.

9. You're saving on the wrong

Do you really think that buying expired products at a discount, you will never get poisoned? I forgot-I forgot. It's not your fault. The wife and mother-in-law are to blame. They didn't check that the sausage was already moldy.

And the shoes you buy for one season. After a week, she doesn't have a look anymore, and after three months, you throw her out. For some reason, other shoes last longer. They're probably taking care of her. Or maybe they buy quality stuff. Although no, that's not the point. They are favored by the stars, but you are not. Right?

10. You don't want to change anything

Admit it honestly, everything suits you. You like being poor. Because now you live the way you used to. You're in your comfort zone. And any changes require effort, any changes are unknown. Therefore, it's easier for you to be poor than to start changing at least something.

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