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About Everything Wiki » Games » iPhone Games: Quizarium — Virtual brain ring

iPhone Games: Quizarium — Virtual brain ring

03 May 2023, 06:56, parser
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In February of this year, we wrote about a game that stirred up the Russian appstore community. The name of that miracle was Charadium. Without thinking twice, the developers from On5 offered a new fun, primarily designed for fans of the program «Own Game » and other intellectual shows. Let's touch the Quizarium and see what happened.

The meaning of the game is quite simple. Participants are asked a question that must be answered first of the first. If the task turned out to be too difficult, after a few seconds, the letters of the hidden word begin to open. In the end, this leads to a competition for printing speed.


Once in the Quizarium, the first thing that comes to mind is a chat!. There is some truth in this. Rooms for players are divided by theme and level of difficulty, you can create your own themes. There is also just a chat here, for those who crave communication.


Trying to play « with Google on the edge » will not work, many experienced players immediately answer the most tricky questions. It cannot be said that the questionnaire of the program is small, but a couple of repetitions may well be caught in the first hour. A positive point can be considered the availability of the ability to replenish the database of questions independently.


The Quizarium point system is based on the well-known Plus+ multiplayer system, giving you access to various awards and ratings. Players can evaluate this or that question, together you can ban an unwanted user or thank him for a good answer.


For our writing fraternity, the developers have prepared a page with logos, icons and a press release, such an attitude is commendable.

The graphical execution of Quizarium will remind Mac OS users of the famous Adium icq client. In addition, a couple of equally spectacular skins are available to replace. If the Quizarium visually looks like a four plus, then the chat itself sometimes does not work stably, especially with a large influx of people.


All these disadvantages and advantages simply fade before the status of the game — Free. And although advertising is present in the game, its appearance is strictly limited and does not cause any particular inconvenience. We recommend it to all «brainwashers» of the country :)

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