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About Everything Wiki » Books » REVIEW: "Word of Mouth Marketing", Andy Sernowitz

REVIEW: "Word of Mouth Marketing", Andy Sernowitz

03 May 2023, 07:20, parser
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At the moment when I picked up this book, I didn't have much enthusiasm, I honestly admit. The first thought is that this book is small and it's about marketing: If anything, I won't waste a lot of time.

Now I say with confidence that the book is useful, and it is worth reading not only to businessmen who want to start talking about their business and willingly recommend it to each other, but also to everyone who cares about the fate of the company in which they work.

Dedicated to all people with burning eyes...

Book Review:


Word of mouth, backed up by the capabilities of the Internet, is already working. Online conversation about you or your brand is already underway. Financial losses from inaction and non-participation in the conversation will be very difficult to measure. Andy calls for action and offers a simple, concise and competent guide to action. * The reading time is about 3 hours (it's time for me to think about speed reading, because it took more).
This book will open your eyes to what you have always known, so that this knowledge will finally work for you. The best part is that after the book I want to move on, there are many practical issues that I want to solve. For example, with the automation of collecting opinions about you, your brand, product, picture, book. That's what you, for example, use and do you use at all? Maybe Google Alerts, maybe something more specialized? Datasift? Buzzware?


"Every customer is your potential speaker"


good book about marketing
1. You will learn that word of mouth marketing is the most effective type of marketing based on the return on invested capital (almost zero costs and a large influx of customers).

2. You will learn what motivates people to talk about certain things, and about the motivations that trigger word of mouth marketing.

3. Find out what word of mouth marketing consists of (speakers +  topics + tools + participation + tracking).

4. How to successfully invest $8 an hour in the future.

5. How to come up with a new topic that people will pick up and pass on to their friends.

6. What is passive word of mouth marketing and how it helps to increase sales.

7. What is the net support index.

8. Get acquainted with many successful examples from life and get tips that can be applied right now (pp.83-84).

*Noticed an improvement in brain activity and an increase in the coefficient of generating useful ideas during and after reading the book :)

Add. materials

Additional materials and spreadsheets from the book can be found on a special website dedicated to the book —

A reminder that should have been at the very beginning

"Problem solving is the most powerful marketing technique at your disposal"

"Word of Mouth Marketing", Andy Sernowitz

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