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About Everything Wiki » Food » The 100 best national dishes of the world have been named

The 100 best national dishes of the world have been named

10 Jun 2023, 00:03, parser
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The culinary publication TasteAtlas summed up the results of 2022 by presenting the top 100 national dishes from around the world. It was compiled based on average ratings from users. The top ten looks like this.

1. Curry (Japan)

Frame from Komainu Kitchen / YouTube video

Thick spicy gravy with meat and vegetables, usually served with rice.

2. Steak Picanha (Brazil)

A frame from the video by Jess Pryles / YouTube

A steak made from a cut of meat with a thick strip of fat that makes it juicier.

3. Ameijoa a Buljau Patu (Portugal)

A frame from the video Tuga na Cozinha / YouTube

Shellfish in shells, stewed in oil.

4. Tangbao (China)

Photo: 我乃野云云 / Wikimedia Commons

Steamed large buns filled with soup.

5. Guotie (China)

A frame from the Goldthread / YouTube video

Dumplings with meat filling, which are first boiled and then quickly fried until golden brown.

6. Panang Curry (Thailand)

Photo: Vee Satayamas / Wikimedia Commons

A kind of red curry, which is characterized by less sharpness and a thick creamy consistency.

7. Assorted ceviche (Peru)

A frame from the Abelca / YouTube video

The exact recipe varies from region to region, but the traditional version is finely chopped fish and seafood of various types, which are marinated in lime juice for 15 minutes. Sometimes red onion, hot pepper and other ingredients are added to the dish.

8. Gorme sabzi (Iran)

A frame from the video LifeStyle By Sana / YouTube

Herbal soup of greens, fenugreek and spinach, sometimes with the addition of beetroot, beans and red meat.

9. Ja kebab (Turkey)

A frame from the Harun Aksu / YouTube video

For this dish, lamb is marinated with onions, salt and pepper for 12 hours, after which it is fried on an open fire on a horizontal spit.

10. Poyo a la Brasa (Peru)

A frame from the Abelca / YouTube video

A dish consisting of juicy chicken fried on coals with a crispy crust, which is traditionally served with French fries and salad.

Russian Russian cuisine was not in the top, but on the 16th place, Russian perogi is a Polish dish, completely similar to our usual pies with different fillings. The whole hundred can be viewed here.

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