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About Everything Wiki » Fitness » Five tips from Dean Karnazes to improve your running form

Five tips from Dean Karnazes to improve your running form

08 May 2023, 09:47, parser
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The legendary Dean Karnazes, winner of the most difficult ultramarathon among ultramarathons — Badwater Ultramarathon and a man who ran 50 marathons in 50 days in 50 different states, in his blog on Runner's World gave five useful tips on how to improve his running form, just making minor changes to his daily life.

1. Don't just stand there

Dean uses it himself and advises everyone to use a desk instead of a regular desk for standing work, because sitting weakens our body. But you should not just stand there, you can spend this time usefully. Rise on tiptoe 10 times alternately on the left and on the right leg. First, repeat the exercise 3-5 times during the day, gradually increasing the number of approaches to 8-10 per day. This will help strengthen the shins, if you don't believe it, look at Dean's shins.

2. Ah, bakes!

Pepper, ginger and turmeric have an anti-inflammatory effect, so stop swallowing handfuls of pills, it's better to chew chili pepper.

3. Explanations

Do exercises without straying far from your desktop. Hang a crossbar, buy a yoga mat, and turn one of the office chairs into a push-up simulator (you don't need it any more after buying a desk for standing work). Now, between parsing emails, meetings and routine work, you will be able to do a set of exercises consisting of pull-ups, push-ups and squats. This will have a beneficial effect not only on muscles, but also on productivity.

4. Be an errand boy (literally)

There is no such thing as "extra kilometers" in running, every step counts. Finally buy a backpack and use running as a means of transportation: instead of going to the bank or to work, run there. Don't run fast, just trot. Of course, you should not replace planned workouts with such runs. Forget about the car and transport for the sake of overcoming a couple of kilometers.

5. Relax

There is a saying in yoga: "Yoga is good for running, but running is not very good for yoga." You may not be able to twist yourself into a ram's horn, but a little yoga will not hurt at all to improve your running results, it is great for stretching, it will help strengthen muscles and establish heat exchange (especially Bikram yoga).


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