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About Everything Wiki » Fitness » Pumping: an energetic workout for those who struggle with excess weight

Pumping: an energetic workout for those who struggle with excess weight

10 Jun 2023, 12:05, parser
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In this complex we have collected simple and effective exercises that will make you sweat. Lay a mat, turn on cheerful music and tune in to a good workout.

How to do a workout

To make it easier to perform the complex, download the app with an interval timer. This way you will be able to navigate by sound and will not be looking at the clock all the time.

Each exercise from the list will need to be performed for 30 seconds, and rest for only 10 seconds. After a short break, move on to another movement.

You will need to perform the following exercises in this way:

  1. Squat with the knee to the elbow.
  2. Steps in the bar.
  3. Lunges with body twisting from the right leg.
  4. "Rock climber".
  5. Lunges with body twisting from the left leg.
  6. The "butterfly" fold.

Then rest for two minutes and start over. If you haven't practiced for a long time, start with three circles and gradually increase their number to six.

How to do exercises

Squat with knee to elbow

Put your feet shoulder-width apart. Take your hands behind your head and place your elbows to the sides. Perform a squat, straighten up, lift the bent right leg and turn the body to the right, trying to reach the knee with the left elbow.

Lower your leg and repeat the same on the other side: squat, lifting the left knee and turning to the left. Alternate sides every other time. Work hard.

Steps in the bar

Stand at point—blank range lying down, put your feet together and your hands shoulder-width apart. Tighten the abs so that the lower back does not sag.

Take a step to the right with your right foot, and put your left hand to the other hand. Then step to the right with your left foot and right hand, returning to the starting position, but slightly to the right of where you started.

Do the same in the opposite direction. Continue to move in this way, maintaining tension in the muscles of the body.

Body twisting lunges

Lunge backwards with your right foot, then rise and bring your knee forward while twisting the body to the right. Drop back into the lunge. Continue working this way for 30 seconds.

After the "climber" exercise, repeat the twisting lunges from the left leg.

Rock climber

Stand at point-blank range lying down, strain your abs. Pull up the knee of the right leg to the chest, put the leg back and repeat the same with the other. Alternate legs, move vigorously. Make sure that the shoulders remain lowered and the lower back does not sag.

Butterfly fold

Sit on the floor, connect your feet and bring them closer to the pelvis, turn your knees to the sides. Lie on your back, put your hands behind your head and straighten them.

Straining the press, perform a fold, touch the feet with your hands and return back to the floor. Keep up the good work. Make sure that the lower back does not bend before lifting — press it to the floor.

Write how you like the training. How many laps did you survive?

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