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About Everything Wiki » Fitness » Pumping: 6 exercises with weights for a full-fledged full-body workout

Pumping: 6 exercises with weights for a full-fledged full-body workout

29 May 2023, 13:58, parser
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This complex contains basic exercises with weights that will pump the muscles of the arms, shoulders and back, load the legs and buttocks. And in order to make the workout more intense, accelerate metabolism and develop endurance, there will be a simple cardio with a jump rope between rounds of strength exercises.

How to do a workout

Perform the following exercises:

  • 12 swing weights;
  • 10 deadlifts with a weight in one hand;
  • 8 squats with weights;
  • 6 chest pulls in a tilt;
  • 4 kettlebell presses.

After finishing the movements with the kettlebell, take the rope and make 100 jumps. Rest for 1-2 minutes and start again. Complete four such circles.

In one—sided exercises — deadlift, chest pull and bench press - first perform all repetitions with a weight in one hand, and in the next round — with the other. That is, in the first and third rounds of training, you will do all the movements with your right hand, and in the second and fourth — with your left.

How to do exercises

Mahi kettlebell

Take the kettlebell with both hands by the shackle, tilt the body with a straight back and make a swing between the legs. With a sharp movement, straighten up in the hip joints, sending the projectile upwards. When the kettlebell reaches the level of the collarbones, let it fall down and swing again. Keep up the good work.

Try not to strain your arms and straighten out more sharply to give the weight inertia for flight. But additionally strain buttocks to make sure that they work, and you can take the load off your back.

Deadlift with kettlebell

Put your feet hip-width apart, place the kettlebell between your feet. Lean forward with a straight back and grab the projectile by the shackle with one hand. Holding the neutral position of the spine, straighten up with a weight in your hand, then lower the projectile back to the floor and repeat.

Squats with weights

Hold the kettlebell in front of your chest, taking it by the shackle on both sides. You can turn the projectile upside down or take it on your chest, and cover it with your other hand from above — experiment in front of the complex and find the most comfortable position.

Perform a squat, keeping your back straight and heels pressed to the floor. Go down as long as it turns out to fulfill this condition. Straighten up and repeat.

Chest thrust in a tilt with one weight

Put your feet hip-width apart, tilt the body to parallel with the floor and take the kettlebell by the shackle with one hand. Slightly bend your knees, look at the floor in front of you.

Bend your arm at the elbow and pull the kettlebell to your belt. Do not lift your shoulder — let it remain lowered. Feel the muscles of your back tense up. Lower the projectile to the starting position, but do not put it on the floor until the end of the approach.

Kettlebell press

Take a kettlebell on your chest so that its bow hangs on your thumb and the body lies on your forearm. Tighten the press so that the body becomes rigid. Squeeze the projectile up until the arm is fully straightened at the elbow. Make sure that the shoulder at the top point is at the same level with the ear, and not in front. Lower the kettlebell on your chest and repeat the exercise.

Jumping rope

Try to keep your elbows closer to your body and keep your body rigid. This way you will be able to maintain a high pace and not stumble over the rope.

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