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About Everything Wiki » Fitness » My Ironman: About the program and food

My Ironman: About the program and food

03 May 2023, 15:55, parser
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I haven't written anything for the last couple of weeks, as these were busy times. We celebrated the New Year in the "Buffer Bay", and I moved my body a thousand kilometers to Ulyanovsk for this. But I didn't stop training, although there are a lot of problems with them. In order not to miss the planned half marathon, I took sneakers, compression shorts and a T-shirt with me to run it in the gym. I got up at 6 in the morning and went to the gym next to the hotel at 7. But it had everything except treadmills. As a result, I didn't run — I was carrying a uniform in vain.

About Russian commerce

I was spending time in Moscow during the transfer from the Kiev-Moscow seis/Moscow-Ulyanovsk. It was a few hours in a city where you don't really want to be in principle. I went to the shopping center "European", which has a Garmin store. There I was hoping to see and possibly buy a Garmin Forerunner 310XT watch. This is a special watch that can count running, take data from the heart rate monitor according to the ANT+ protocol, can be a bicycle computer and even help in training in the water.

In the American online store, these watches cost $249 or 7,560 rubles. The fairest price, it should be noted. In the European, in the Garmin branded department, they are:


I.e., a Russian athlete must pay TWICE the cost than an American. It is clear that the price includes transportation, renting a department in a shopping center at a huge price and bribes to bloodsuckers. But twice is absolutely too much, considering that the device is very compact.

As a result, I decided to buy a watch in the USA through the service , delivery via Hong Kong to Koh Samui in which will cost me only $42! In total, I will have the watch in a week and it will cost 8.835 rubles. I recommend that you do the same.

About sneakers

Also, I tested adidas running shoes for winter running, but not very successfully. No, they beat the water perfectly and pushed super hard against snow and pieces of ice, but something went wrong inside. The inner arch of my foot does not have such a deflection as the contour of the sole of the sneaker, and therefore the leg hurt for several days. I gave sneakers to my friend — he thinks they are perfect. I had an affair with them from the first sock.


Finishing about sneakers… I received test Newton sneakers, which are very much loved by professionals and those who closely follow the running technique.


I will conduct the report and tests of this interesting couple already in Thailand. Ice mounds and puddles are poorly compatible with them.


Now I can spin on the machine on a bicycle for more than an hour. I'm just bored and I stop. I hope that in Tae it will be more fun on the tracks :) Experienced discomfort on the saddle is no longer there, although at first it was very tight.

Also, because of the nightmarish ice on the streets, which no one cleans in Kiev, I tried to run on the track in the gym. If you are practicing the technique of Gordon Pirie, then be sure to start with the hall and the track with a mirror. I managed to fix all the "ass back" and "back straight" by myself and run 12.7 km in an hour. They say that running on the track is cheating, and I agree. You only need to move your legs correctly and the track runs for you. But at the moment, Pace 5 km/min is my personal best at such a distance. Internally, it seems to me that I would have run 21 without getting tired. But it was appointed with a coach and it was necessary to wrap up.


And what's nice, new muscles ached after training, which means that the training was a success! :)


Now I have a program on which I will train for all three months. I think she's very angry, but the coach says the main thing is to get involved.

This is what the first week looks like. Naturally, there is not enough written, since there are a lot of explanations and descriptions for each cell. But the concept of what the training life of a novice triathlete is can be obtained. I will start training on this program on the 9th - right after moving to Thailand.

Screen Shot 2012-12-30 at 9.01.19 PM

About food and alcohol

With increased daily physical activity, my taste for food has changed a lot. Now I really don't like complex and complex composite dishes. I like the meat boiled or fried, but without sauces, seasonings and all that. Salads — no more than 3-4 components and no odorous dry herbs. I like porridge and vegetable soups and broths. Haute cuisine and the delights of complex dishes do not stick out completely. I'll tell you in confidence that I even unsubscribed from those friends who post photos from restaurants. Not interesting and not exciting, as before.

In general, I have a goal that dictates my cooking — I need to reduce my weight from 75 kg at the moment, to 65-70 kg. Starting to run for quite long distances, I have already reduced my weight from 85 to 75, so what to do is very clear to me ;)

In addition, I began to notice the depravity of the kitchen, which people get used to. I was warned that with such training I risk becoming a snob — I didn't believe it :) He became a little. Well, how can I not notice when a fat aunt comes into a pizzeria and orders: pizza with double cheese and mayonnaise salad, fatty hodgepodge, beer, and then coffee with cream and cake! That's four thousand calories. How will she burn them? No way, and I don't care, everyone has their own way.

And about alcohol. I don't know what's really going on, but I've developed some completely unrealistic intolerance to alcohol. Yesterday I drank two mugs of light, very light beer in the company, and today I spent the whole day in the heaviest hangover. And so only I have. Friends are all right. So now I'm cutting alcohol completely out of my life. I'll leave it only in tasting portions.

My next report will probably appear in two weeks and in it I will tell you how we got to the island and how I feel there in general :) And there will be more numbers, because now I have not just classes, but Anya according to the plan, which can not but please.

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