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About Everything Wiki » Education » REVIEW: Tony Shay "Delivering Happiness". What is happiness and how to find it?

REVIEW: Tony Shay "Delivering Happiness". What is happiness and how to find it?

03 May 2023, 04:50, parser
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This post will be a strange mixture of a review of the book "Delivering Happiness" by Tony Sheya, the creator of the Internet giant Zappos, and the thoughts that have appeared about what happiness is.

Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and her life will not be shorter. Happiness does not get less when you share it. —Buddha

The book that was sent to us from the publishing house MYTH (the publishing house managed to seat the editor of a Life Hacker for books ^ _^) about the formation of a man, Tony Sheya, who earned a lot from the sale of the Microsoft corporation LinkExchange created by him. Then his experience as a venture investor, losing almost all the money on startups. About the creation of the online trading platform Zappos, which sells today not only shoes, as it was at the beginning of the Journey, but also other clothes and accessories. The pinnacle of Zappos is considered to be its transition under the management of Amazon, which cost the latter $ 1.2 billion in its own shares.

The book will be of interest to owners of online stores and people looking for an investor for their project, to investors themselves to understand the issues of influence on the companies they invest in.

It will appeal to those who create a corporate culture in their small or medium—sized businesses - the creators of Zappos consider the unique culture created in the company to be its main asset. Personally, I was skeptical about this part of the book, which tells about moving the company to Vegas, about instilling love for the company you work for, but it can be very useful to you: as an employee for motivation, or as an owner — to save on operating costs. ;)

I liked the last part of the book the most — About Happiness. Tony approached this issue in a scientific way and in many ways reveals the secret of the company's success as an attempt to make people, customers and employees happy, without forgetting about himself and his investments.

If you are not happy with your job, your destiny, and you cannot find your place in life, it is only because you have chosen a long path to Happiness, which we all strive for. There are many reasons for such a choice, but after reading the book you will understand how to make it shorter by getting rid of false values, imposed standards and simply going to the finish line to True Happiness in a previously unknown way.

The picture is taken from the book

The author tells about an interesting method of training marathon runners — to run as slowly as possible, so that you can maintain a continuous dialogue for the longest time. I didn't know about it, and maybe that's why I don't know how to run as well as I would like. (I tried to learn...) I didn't know how to be happy. Now I don't know that either, but I know how to figure it out.

Tony Shay "Delivering Happiness"

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