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About Everything Wiki » Education » Children in IT. 6 courses that will teach a child to code long before the Unified State Exam

Children in IT. 6 courses that will teach a child to code long before the Unified State Exam

14 Jan 2024, 12:01, parser
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1. "Fundamentals of Python programming"

This course is designed for 11th grade students who have not written code before. The teacher will explain the topics in simple language, and also show fascinating presentations and give interactive tasks. A little homework is waiting for you after each lesson. Mentors check it manually and tell the children which material needs to be given more attention. The end of the training will be the development of a simple game.

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2. "Computer literacy"

The course is designed for students in grades 2-3. Children will gain skills that will be useful for learning, for example, they will be able to prepare presentations, work with tables, graphs, text and images. Teachers will also tell you how to behave on the Internet, and teach you how to use email and cloud storage. A separate section is devoted to an overview of IT professions, and perhaps it will arouse the child's interest in specific areas of this field. Classes are held once or twice a week in groups of up to 12 people.

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3. "A course on machine learning and data analysis in Python"

If your tenth grader likes to create content in neural networks, then he may be curious to know how they work. During the course, he will learn about the main libraries for Data Science and understand how to work with machine learning algorithms. To do this, students will learn Python, the main programming language used by data scientists. And under the guidance of a teacher, children will be able to participate in machine learning competitions. Online meetings with representatives of the IT industry are also held as part of the course.

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4. "Programming and creating Scratch games"

If a child does not let go of gadgets and talks about computer games for hours, pay attention to this course. It tells about Scratch, a programming environment created for children and teenagers. Games and applications are not written in it, but are assembled from ready-made blocks, like a constructor. The course is completely built on practice: students will receive assignments after each lesson, and then prepare the final project. And if there are difficulties, the teacher will help you figure them out. After the first lesson, children will be able to create backgrounds and characters of their virtual worlds, and the certification work will be a full-fledged game.

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5. "Minecraft mod development"

The course is designed for children aged 8-12 who are fans of the game Minecraft. In the classroom, they will be taught how to create their own modifications, or just mods. For example, costumes, worlds, game tools and various creatures, including 3D modeling methods. To do this, children will have to master the MCreator editor and the Java programming language. Lessons can be held both in a group and in an individual format.

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6. "Minecraft: an introduction to artificial intelligence"

Another course designed for children who cannot imagine life without collecting crystals and mods in Minecraft. Classes are designed for students up to 12 years old. Their task is to program a character who will independently solve routine game tasks: build, extract resources and defend against rivals. During this exciting process, children will learn fundamental programming topics and learn how to put knowledge into practice in the Minecraft game universe. At the end of the course, students will be able to program simple tasks in JavaScript.

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Course prices may vary, check the current ones on the online school's website.

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