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How to avoid impulsive purchases

03 May 2023, 06:01, parser
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Modern man can no longer help but think about how to preserve what is still left on the old Earth. But if you think about it, in order to turn green, you don't need so much: just stop buying unnecessary things to begin with.

Man is an irrational being, and therefore is led to the tricks of marketers and buys all sorts of junk over and over again. What should I do to avoid buying spontaneously?

How to avoid impulsive purchases, a girl in a store with a can of canned food

  • First of all, remember the good old principle and think, do you need this thing or do you just want it.
  • Constantly remind yourself that you came to the store with a specific purpose (you have a list, right?). Do not be distracted even by sales.
  • You can also leave the store now in order to sleep the night with the idea of buying. It is better to postpone it for 30 days.
  • Take care of yourself and never go to the store when you are: angry, scared, sad, tired, lonely, hungry… It seems that we need to give up everything human while shopping. But this is a fact, it is better to mechanically buy everything from the list.
  • Don't buy until you compare. In a calm atmosphere, you can find the cheapest offer on the Web without unnecessary emotions, and understand that there is no need for all this. This is a variant of the previous paragraph.
  • Keep in mind the image of a rich uncle who wants to sell you unnecessary. The image of a used car dealer from an American movie is best suited for this.
  • Buy everything online, including products. A permanent list will not only speed up the process, but also allow you not to be distracted.
  • Keep in mind the intention to spend the saved money on loved ones by arranging a surprise.
  • Recalculate the amount in the hours of your hard work.
  • Be satisfied with yourself and happy regardless of the possession of things. It's too difficult, I know, but try to smile at the world both from the tram window and from the back seat of your Maybach.
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