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About Everything Wiki » DIY » How to set up this capricious connection. Part 2

How to set up this capricious connection. Part 2

04 May 2023, 17:37, parser
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We have problems with the connection, and we went through the possible options why nothing works.

Option 3: Only one computer from the entire network cannot access the Internet

If some computer can't connect to the Internet, but the whole network can, then the problem is in this machine.

First, make sure that the browser is working fine. Install Firefox and check if you can't access the Internet through it. Try to do the same with Chrome. If no browser is working, disable antivirus programs and check the firewall. Sometimes connection problems can be caused by damaged and not completely removed antivirus software.

In the worst case, you will have to format your hard drive and install Windows from scratch.

Option 4: Your router slows down the connection or constantly restarts

If the router becomes unavailable or disconnects frequently, try updating its software to the latest version.

To prevent the router from slowing down the connection, try to get rid of interference or change the communication channel. The base station may receive interference from a newly installed device that is nearby and operates on the same radio frequency: mobile or cordless phones, microwave ovens, baby monitors (baby monitors), microphones, mice or keyboards.

Apple’s AirPort and AirPort Express base stations can be set up using AirPort Utility software products. Experiment with channels 1, 6, 11 – they will not block others and at the same time can improve the signal.

Network Ninja Command line: Tracing

Every self-respecting sysadmin establishes an Internet connection using the good old command-line utility traceroute. It shows the path of data from your computer to the website along with stops and timestamps. It also tells you exactly at what point the connection failed, and thus gives someone who knows a little about the communication verification service and IP addresses additional information on how to solve the problem.

To run it from your computer, on Windows, type tracert in the command line . On Macintosh – traceroute . Learn how to correctly read the data path built by the utility, which will look something like this if the connection above collapsed on the fourth node:

What problems do you usually have with your computer? How do you solve them? Add a comment and tell us about your troubleshooting experience.

How to Troubleshoot a Flaky Internet Connection [Gina Trapani]

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