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About Everything Wiki » DIY » Planning on paper: Gantt chart and compact calendar for the whole year

Planning on paper: Gantt chart and compact calendar for the whole year

03 May 2023, 18:41, parser
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We continue the review of case planning tools without a computer on paper.

I often meet people who can't plan their business on a computer. At the same time, they quite cope with this by planning their activities on paper. After showing them a couple of solutions that David Seah came up with, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that fans of paper planning began to use them constantly.

Gantt chart

One of the best methods for estimating the time required to complete a task is the Gantt chart. This simple schedule allows you to correctly allocate your working time, and it is visually easy to evaluate it.

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Example of a Gantt chart:

Gantt chart (Eng. Gantt chart, also ribbon chart, Gantt chart) is a popular type of bar charts that is used to illustrate a plan, schedule of work on a project. It is one of the methods of project planning.

The first chart format was developed by Henry L. Gantt (1861-1919) in 1910.

I discovered an online tool that simply and beautifully implements the principle of the Gantt chart. Made on Flash, has a friendly look, immediately shows the current time and days of the week, easy to edit. Moreover, you should not even be afraid that you will accidentally close the window during editing – all settings will still remain (if cookies are enabled in the browser). Well, the most important thing is that the program gives out a printed version (what it should be used for) in a beautiful, compact form, already marked up for the A4 page. There is also an option in PDF.

Flash | PDF

Compact calendar for the whole year in XLS

The disadvantage of Gantt diagrams is their non-compactness and the complexity of the preliminary estimation of time. If you need to estimate how many days, excluding weekends, are allotted for a task, how many hours it will take, which days can be excluded from the plan, it is better to use a compact calendar for the whole year, made in the form of an XLS template.

Take it here:

It is interesting to hear your opinion about printed forms of organizers.

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