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Can I become an entrepreneur?

02 May 2023, 11:30, parser
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In principle, anyone can become an entrepreneur. People who sell on trays or offer everyone the installation of plastic windows or armored doors on the street are also entrepreneurs — they all have certificates, they submit reports to the tax service and pay taxes. But few people are eager to engage in this kind of entrepreneurship and prefer office work out of harm's way to such independence.

But there are also those who have a lot of interesting ideas, but they are afraid of failure, so they do nothing. They think that entrepreneurship, free swimming is not for them. They are overcome with doubts and they are not sure whether they have the necessary qualities. These are the very signs that you CAN become an entrepreneur.

You hate the Status Quo. It makes no sense for you to do anything because you just have to, without explaining the reason. You don't like to do something just because everyone is doing it, sitting and earning a «experience », wiping pants and office furniture.

You get bored quickly. And many people see this as a problem, because you are bored of staying in one place, doing the same job, getting stuck in one place. You quickly achieve the desired result and you want to move on, gaining new knowledge and trying something new and interesting. Perhaps at school or university you quickly got bored of attending certain classes. Bill Gates and Co dropped out of college in order to create great companies.

You were fired from your job. You were too creative for some employers. You are not able to play the role of a faceless cog in the wheel of the company for a long time and others perceive your innovative ideas without much enthusiasm.

You are considered a rebel. You know that the most interesting and great things always happen outside the comfort zone. And sometimes you think that the company's policies and laws are invented for all employees except you. You can be described as a rebel and you are ready to defy even gravity if it were possible.

There are no authorities for you. Throughout your life, you have constantly opposed the authorities of parents, teachers at school, professors at university and bosses at work. You ignore most of the rules of the society in which you live, and adjust with a creak if there is no other way out.

You are ready to improve everything you undertake. You always see options for how to perform the task better. You are quite self-confident and sometimes give out advice on how it will be better, even if you are not asked about it.

You don't like empty conversations. You're not very good at small talk about anything. Let's just say that talking about the weather is clearly not your thing. Rather, it causes irritation and regret of wasted time, while it was possible to find something more interesting and useful.

You were heavily criticized as a child. And you decided to prove to everyone who doubted your abilities, and to the world as a whole, that they were very wrong.

You get obsessed. Perhaps many people consider you obsessive to the point of maniacality when you start something new. You are completely immersed in the project and the word "impossible" does not exist for you. Don't let others poke your nose into it and don't listen to the doubters. Howard Schultz continued to work at StarBucks even when his whole family was trying to persuade him to quit.

You are afraid to start something on your own. The entrepreneur inside you, on the one hand, is afraid to go out on his own and at the same time is afraid of inaction. This fear is quite common in our society, because entrepreneurship is considered a riskier occupation than a warm place in some large company with a decent PO and social packages. But in fact, as the crisis has shown, both options cannot guarantee 100% reliability.

You don't know how to relax. You can't sleep at night because you can't turn off your thoughts. You are so obsessed with the idea that you dream about it at night. And in the morning you find yourself so absorbed in it that you are unable to concentrate on the main work.

You do not comply with the GOST accepted in your society. Even as a child, you already felt that you were different from the children around you. You continued to pretend at school, at university, and perhaps you are still pretending. And such embedding into the gray mass will not end well. Allow the entrepreneur inside to give voice.

I think that if you have recognized yourself in at least half of the listed options and the answer to the second half is more likely to be Yes than No, maybe it's time to really think about what you do in life? Maybe instead of jumping from job to job and not sleeping at night, it's worth trying to give your inner entrepreneur freedom?

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