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About Everything Wiki » Browsers » 8 extensions for working with bookmarks in Chrome

8 extensions for working with bookmarks in Chrome

12 Jun 2023, 00:03, parser
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One of the most popular services for organizing bookmarks. allows you to sort links by dragging and dropping, as well as view the contents of pages in a simplified form without additional elements — only text.

To organize a large number of bookmarks in there are folders, tags and several display modes. The extension can show all imported links in the form of a list, in the format of cards, or place them on a mudboard with images from articles.

The plugin also supports web annotations, which allow you to return to an interesting text and read the selected fragments later. linked to a cloud server where you can save backup copies of pages. Thanks to this, it will be possible to access the content, even if the original is deleted on the source site.

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2. Startab Bookmark Manager

Startab Bookmark Manager is not only a bookmark manager for Chrome, but also a plugin for configuring and saving tabs. In addition, here you can keep a list of tasks and run timers to complete the work.

If necessary, you will be able to save all open tabs to a separate folder with two clicks. Various widgets are provided for the home page, and the appearance settings of the new window are also available here.

All saved bookmarks are displayed as lists and groups of folders by user-defined categories. The data is synchronized between several devices that can be connected to the account.

3. Bookmanize

The bookmarks manager with a minimalistic interface allows you to quickly sort and filter saved links by a specific query, as well as assign tags to them. Bookmanize displays a list that can be edited by moving and deleting items. You will also be able to quickly add a new folder or bookmark there.

The extension works offline. That is, the history of actions and bookmarks are saved only on the computer and nowhere else.

4. Save to Pocket

An extension from a popular service for saving articles from the Web. Its main task is to help the user remember important texts and read them. But Pocket has other functions that allow you to use it specifically as a bookmark manager.

There are tags for sorting links by topic, searching for saved materials and various filter options. You can add marker marks to the pages, the most important articles can be easily sent to favorites.

Pocket works with a large number of platforms, so at any time bookmarks from Chrome can be viewed through another browser or from a mobile device.

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5. Diigo Web Collector

This extension is associated with a popular service for collecting, storing and sorting useful information from the Internet. Diigo can only be used to manage bookmarks. But there are also tags for sorting and a tool for selecting passages with the addition of notes.

Saved information can be shared via mail, messengers and social networks. For team work, a joint mode is provided, which is useful, for example, during the search for data for scientific articles.

6. Bookmark Sidebar

This extension places bookmarks on the Chrome sidebar. By clicking on the Bookmark Sidebar icon or using a separate button assigned for this, you can activate the panel for quick access to saved pages.

The position of the side window is adjusted through the extension settings, and the bookmarks themselves can be dragged through the list. Bookmark Sidebar also allows you to check the URLs of links and delete broken ones.

7. Cling Button

Cling Button acts not only as a bookmark manager. He also suggests keeping to-do lists and making notes. The extension launches a separate page where you can place several blocks with important information, including interesting photos.

To store links, the service allows you to create several boards — this way it is more convenient to divide the collected data into different categories. Cling Button is useful if you want to quickly switch between bookmarks, your notes and a list of work tasks in one interface.

8. SuperSorter

SuperSorter is a simple plugin that is designed for only one purpose. It allows you to quickly sort pages on the standard Chrome bookmarks bar and remove unnecessary copies of links.

SuperSorter is also able to get rid of empty folders and combine directories with identical names. The extension is able to filter bookmarks every few minutes automatically, constantly maintaining order in your browser.

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