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Tips from around the world (Computers)

03 May 2023, 18:40, parser
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Many of you have probably visited the 43Folders website at least once. Today we present to you the tips of readers from this site related to computers of any kind from desktop to pocket.

Many readers notice that the CapsLock and Insert keys are more harmful than helpful. Accidentally switched on the slaughter mode or constant SHOUTING is an excuse to repeat the set or call the cancellation functions. There are different solutions to this problem:

  • You can physically remove these keys (unaesthetically)
  • You can configure the OS so that it does not respond to these buttons, or it does not react as it should by default: Modifier Keys for Mac OS and file editing.xmodmaprc». (On my own, I will add — in Windows, you can use Punto Switcher to assign the CapsLock encoding switching function)

To speed up the work with your bookmarks in the menu, it is worth organizing them into folders as soon as there is a need to scroll.

In order to develop the habit of correctly positioning your hands when printing, you can fix the keyboard on the very edge of the table with tape.

If you feel that you are starting to lose time watching websites or TV programs, press the power button of the monitor or TV, calm down, so that you can focus on tasks again.

Any modern phone does not come out without a camera — use it to remind yourself of the information you need. (From myself: a folder with photos on a camera background can be another inbox in your system. And despite the fact that I am promoting the idea of the need to reduce the number of inboxes, this one can save a lot of time and effort that you would spend on recording this information manually.)

Also, a camera phone is the most suitable way to quickly draft the results of a meeting.

If you have lost your phone and have not synchronized your contacts, then you can peek at the phone numbers in the accounts of the telephone company.

And the last one for today: you can speed up the iPod, just like any other player, if you just defragment it with your favorite defragmenter.


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