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About Everything Wiki » Books » 6 colorful comics that are worth reading to your children

6 colorful comics that are worth reading to your children

02 Jun 2023, 12:02, parser
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1. Coolies. Volume 1. Cool Comics

The number in the title hints that this is a whole series of graphic novels, and of course it is logical to start with the first issue. This is a story about superhero beasts, and in the center of the plot is Major Thunder's dog Mukhtar, a character in the most popular universe created by BUBBLE Publishing. Animals fight villains, investigate mysterious crimes and get into other adventures. And in the comics there are games and instructive stories about what, for example, dust is dangerous under the bed.

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2. Frozen. Large collection of comics

This story won the hearts of children and many adults from the very first cartoon. Which is understandable, because a multi-layered plot was served in the classic Disney wrapper. Princesses are beautiful as the dawn, but they remain imperfect people who make mistakes, show emotions and learn to get along with them, go from stereotypical dreams to their own. The villain here turns out not to be such a villain, the Prince charming is not at all beautiful. And all this against the backdrop of picturesque landscapes and truly memorable songs.

"Cold heart. A large collection of comics" gives a great opportunity to reunite with your favorite characters Anna and Elsa, Kristoff, Sven and Olaf. These are new stories based on cartoons. The heroes will go on a winter fishing trip, arrange high-speed sled races and get into exciting adventures.

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3. Gravity Falls. Strange Heddon. Graphic novel

Twins Mabel and Deep Pines must fight for their beloved Gravity Falls. The comic describes the last three episodes of the animated series, which allows you to consider in detail what actually happened in the decisive battle, find references and Easter eggs. Fans will enjoy returning to their favorite universe. But the graphic novel will also be interesting for beginners, since it is a complete story.


4. 101 Dalmatians. Graphic novel

Anita and Roger get acquainted thanks to their Dalmatians Pongo and Paddy. The characters fall in love with each other, and so do the dogs. The family will soon be added: 15 puppies are born. But they are kidnapped by the evil Stervella De Ville. Moreover, she is not limited to the Pongo and Paddy babies, her accomplices steal puppies all over the city. People are trying to get their pets back, but to no avail. Then the brave Pongo and Paddy come into action

A classic story, framed in a comic book. Colorful illustrations will allow you to dive into it over and over again, return to your favorite places.


5. Ratatouille. Graphic novel

Little rat Remy dreams of becoming a great chef, like his idol from TV, the famous Auguste Gusteau. However, there are few hopes, and not even because the hero's life is overshadowed by some tragedies. He's a rodent, what can he expect in the world of high cooking? But Remy does not lose his presence of mind and accidentally finds himself in Auguste Gusteau's restaurant. There he meets the hapless Alfredo Linguini, together with whom they will begin to create culinary masterpieces. And it will change the lives of both.

This is a graphic novel based on cartoon, adapted specifically for the comic book format.

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6. Toy Story 3 in 1. Graphic Novel

Under one cover, stories from the first three Toy Story cartoons are collected. Thanks to the colorful pictures, you can return to the adventures of your favorite characters again and again.

In the bedroom of the boy Eddie, something happens that every child suspects: toys come to life as soon as you don't look at them. Moreover, they are capable of experiencing happiness, sadness, envy, jealousy. Because of the latter, the first story will begin, when two characters will first fight, and then make friends.

"Toy Story" is good because Eddie is gradually growing up, and along with this, the adventures that his pets get into become more mature. She teaches you to be friends, to love, to empathize, to come to the rescue and let go of those who need to go their own way.


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