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About Everything Wiki » Books » REVIEW: "Ogilvy on Advertising", David Ogilvy

REVIEW: "Ogilvy on Advertising", David Ogilvy

03 May 2023, 07:20, parser
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David Ogilvy's book "Ogilvy about Advertising" is the bible of advertisers. But today we will talk about how it can be useful to people who are not involved in advertising, because relkamists have definitely already read it, perhaps more than once. The very first argument is that books about the work of great people in a particular field are always useful, these are motivational batteries that will give you a strong kick in the fifth point. You will understand how much you can achieve yourself if you are not lazy.

Argument number two is a warm—up for the mind. Here you will switch from the area you are familiar with to a completely new one, understandable to you as a consumer, but look at the advertising from the "kitchen" side. This will surely give you inspiration and fresh ideas for the business you are doing. Maybe you will start writing better letters to your family and friends, who knows :)

For reference:

David Ogilvy is recognized as the best copywriter in the world, and is also included by French Magazine in the list of people who made the most significant contribution to the world industrial revolution.

Perhaps I was in a hurry, advising people not involved in advertising to read this book. But many of the tips that you will see here are relevant for any field of activity or business:

— Never let two people do a job that one could handle.

— Never call people to your office: it always scares them. On the contrary, visit them in their offices yourself — without warning.

— If you want results, communicate in person.

— Never allow yourself the luxury of complaining to anyone about anything.

Here you will find many more simple tips. This is one of the tricks of the book — to talk simply about the complex.

If you have clients, then tips on how to communicate with them and build relationships will be useful to you. If you have a business, you will learn about the importance of research and that relying only on guesses and intuition is very reckless. All this is provided with vivid and interesting examples from life, which turns the book from a practical guide into a fascinating documentary about the key personalities and brands of that time. I advise you to watch a TV series about advertisers after reading it — "Mad Men".

Useful advice or why this book should get into your hands

Why this book was personally in my hands: I love good examples of advertising and good texts and slogans. In moments of creative stupor, I like to look at something really cool, whether it's a slogan, text, successful packaging or something else. It helps to make a reboot and acts as an invigorating shower.


There is a high probability that after reading this book, you will want to work in the advertising field. Be careful.

If you are at the start and are thinking about devoting your life to advertising, this book is a must read for you! You will be able to decide on a profession in the advertising business (a whole chapter is devoted to this) and gradually immerse yourself and learn more about the wonderful world of advertising.


I think you have already made a conclusion whether to read this book or watch it. I would like to once again say thank you to the publishing house "Mann, Ivanov and Ferber" for the books provided.

"Ogilvy about advertising", David Ogilvy

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