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About Everything Wiki » Work and Study » How can I get through to Gmail if an admin has blocked it at work?

How can I get through to Gmail if an admin has blocked it at work?

03 May 2023, 05:18, parser
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GmailEngtech publishes a good selection of ways to reach your Gmail mailbox if it is blocked at work or at school/university. It is clear that in the case of a competent administrator, this may not help, but it's worth trying.

Use another address

The first and easiest thing you can try to do is to use a different address. For example, instead of you can use . Here are some more options:

  • or
  • or
  • or
  • or
  • / or /

Configure the mail client for POP3 protocol access

If none of the addresses helped, you will have to configure the mail client. You can find relevant recommendations for configuring programs in the Gmail Help center:

  • The Bat! v3.62 Pro
  • Outlook Express and Outlook 2002 (and older versions) (Windows)
  • Outlook 2003
  • Other

Use Google Desktop

Google Desktop is a utility for searching the user's hard drives. Its latest versions have acquired features that are usually rarely found in search programs. With the help of Google Desktop, you can reach your mailbox. However, often at work, the security policy generally prohibits the installation of any programs.

Install Gmail lite

You can install an unofficial Gmail Lite application on your server if you have your own website. Actually, Gmail lite was created to provide the user with a simple HTML interface without any AJAX bells and whistles. :) But now many people use it when access to Gmail is blocked for various reasons.

Bribe the admin

Probably the most effective way :). IT guys take bribes accept gifts.

  1. Food
  2. Booze
  3. Movies (preferably pirated copies, although probably your admin has a better collection of movies than yours)
  4. Anime
  5. Flirting
  6. Sex (perhaps it's too much to access mail — approx.

Use proxy

Using proxy servers (what is it?) — a very effective way to reach a blocked site. As a proxy, Engtech suggests using Google services themselves — Google Translate, Google Web Toolkit.

In addition, you can try your luck with anonymous proxy servers.

  • List of 300 proxies
  • A large list of proxy servers (sorted by type, country, by IP addresses)

[How to access Gmail when it is blocked at work or school]

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