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About Everything Wiki » Work and Study » 10 alternatives to Microsoft Word

10 alternatives to Microsoft Word

03 May 2023, 05:17, parser
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Read the continuation of this publication — 6 free or budget alternatives to Microsoft Office

Web Worker Daily has published an excellent review of 10 alternatives to Microsoft Word. The article discusses both conventional (offline programs) and online applications.

1. Google Docs is an online word processor. In terms of the number of features and features, it cannot compete with MS Word, but it is accessible from any computer connected to the Internet. Google Docs is used in General Electric. By the way, I have been using Google Docs as my main word processor for three weeks now, despite the fact that there is no need to type texts from different computers (a laptop is a working tool). It's just that Google Docs is free, and its functionality suits me personally completely. :)

2. Zoho Writer is another online word processor. It has a fairly good interface and has additional features (compared to Google Docs). WWD think it's worth a try.

3. ajaxWrite — its distinctive feature is that you do not need to register on the site to get started.

4. AbiWord is an open source cross—platform word processor. Its advantage is a quick start (when compared with MS Office and OpenOffice).

5. DarkRoom is a ported version of WriteRoom (a text editor for Mac). DarkRoom requires .NET installed on the system.

6. JDarkRoom is another alternative to WriteRoom, a cross-platform application. Works in JAVA, distributed for free.

7. Writer — again we mention WriteRoom, only this is an online option.

8. is a word processor for Mac. Flexibly customizable, lots of features.

9. TextEdit is a text almost—processor that comes with Mac OS X. Can read and create documents of various formats, including DOC, RTF, HTML.

10. RoughDraft is a free word processor (Windows) that is said to be specially designed for writers. So if you are writing a new novel, get acquainted with this program, maybe you will like it.

From myself I want to add, under Windows I worked in , and under the «Mac» I really like TextEdit. In rare cases where complex formatting is required, I use NeoOffice (it's the same , but with a Cocoa interface). And what do you use?

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