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About Everything Wiki » Work and Study » 8 Signs of a Job that is Exactly Right for You

8 Signs of a Job that is Exactly Right for You

23 Jan 2024, 00:01, parser
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Lifehacker wrote on what signs you can tell that you love your job. We offer another checklist for office employees who have recently moved to a new location and are trying to assess whether they made a good choice. However, according to these points, you can also check the current career position that you have been holding for a long time.

1. You plan the working day yourself

Yes, you have a list of specific tasks with deadlines for their completion. And you know exactly what is required of you to do. But it's up to you to decide exactly how to complete the tasks.

Some of them can be clearly linked to a specific time — for example, work meetings, regular meetings with clients or lessons at an educational center. But such cases do not take up most of the working day, and you plan the intervals between them at your discretion.

Such a schedule helps you complete the most important and difficult tasks at the time when you are most productive, for example, in the morning or in the afternoon. And in the remaining hours, do various routine tasks.

2. A hybrid work format is available to you

Recently, the work schedule has been gaining popularity, which allows you to spend part of the working day or week in the office, and work the rest of the time remotely. Such a schedule can increase productivity and reduce stress.

Several recent studies have shown New research explains why returning to the office will be a struggle for our brains / Fast Company that constant presence in the office causes increased fatigue due to uncomfortable noise levels and a variety of distractions. For example, phone calls and conversations of colleagues working nearby.

Therefore, it is a big plus if you have the opportunity to work from home at least a couple of days a week, in peace and comfort.

3. You have clear boundaries between work and personal life

This means that after a working day you do not continue to solve your tasks, and on weekends you do not undertake an urgent presentation or a voluminous report. And this is a rule, exceptions to which are extremely rare.

Of course, if you are passionate about your business, you can mentally return to current affairs in the evening before going to bed or on weekends during breakfast. But if, after swallowing a sandwich, you are forced to immediately open your laptop and sit through the presentation until the evening, this is an alarming signal.

Research proves Employee Burnout, Part 1: The 5 Main Causes / Gallup that unmanageable workload is one of the five main causes of burnout at work. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to whether you often have to work after hours.

4. Do you know what contribution you are making to the common cause

Another reason for burnout at work is the feeling of meaninglessness of one's own efforts. If a person does not see what contribution he makes to the work of the company, his motivation may decrease significantly. And along with it, productivity often decreases.

Of course, salary always remains a great incentive. But usually a person works not only for the sake of monthly transfers to the card. It is important for most modern specialists to see that they are doing really important and useful things. In this case, you can get much more pleasant emotions from work.

5. You can experiment and look for new approaches

There are people who like the routine. They don't mind if they have to do the same things day after day. But even they sometimes get bored with the monotony.

If you are dealing with a variety of tasks, if new challenges that interest you regularly appear in the workflow, you are much less likely to get bored.

But you can also find different approaches to traditional tasks. For example, try a new style in the design of websites for clients. Or enter fresh and unexpected headings in the corporate channel in the messenger. If you have the opportunity to test new ideas and analyze the results, the work may seem much more interesting to you.

Yes, at the start of a career, first of all it is necessary to deal with typical tasks. But if you know that you will then get the opportunity to experiment, you can add a plus to the overall assessment of the current work.

6. You see career opportunities

As a rule, this item is directly related to the previous one. Perhaps, for now, you are completely satisfied with both the current position and the list of duties attached to it. But if you know in which direction you can move in the future, you are more likely to feel satisfied with your work.

Research confirms Professional burnout of Russians / NAFI Analytical Center that career uncertainty is another serious reason for work burnout. It is worth making sure that you are not in danger of it.

7. Do you have good relations with colleagues

Yes, you can focus entirely on the case, hardly communicate with others and feel quite comfortable. But add confidence that you can contact your immediate supervisor with any difficult question, and he will listen and try to help. Imagine that colleagues are friendly and sympathetic to you. And someone is always happy to see you in the office.

In such an atmosphere, even serious work difficulties can be handled more easily. A recent study in which teachers participated showed Teachers’ emotional exhaustion and job satisfaction: How much does the school context matter? / ScienceDirect : relationships with colleagues are also one of the important factors of psychological well-being.

8. You are happy to tell your friends about your work

This is a subjective, but very important point. It happens that a person tries to avoid questions about professional matters — he translates the topic or says that he has not yet determined his attitude to his position.

If you have recently moved to a new place, this position is quite understandable. But if your probation period is coming to an end, and you still don't want to tell anything good about your work, you should be wary.

If you are happy to share your impressions (of course, without violating the non-disclosure agreement), then we can conclude: most likely, you are in your place.

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