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About Everything Wiki » Work and Study » Do you know how long a person can not blink?

Do you know how long a person can not blink?

20 Jan 2024, 00:01, parser
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Blinking is extremely important for eye health. It performs several functions. Eyelids, closing and opening, clear the eyes of debris: small particles of dust from the air, dried tears and dead cells. And blinking helps to moisturize.

In addition, scientists believe Shany Grossman, Chen Gueta, Slav Pesin, Rafael Malach, Ayelet N. Landau. Where Does Time Go When You Blink / APS that it is useful not only for the eyes, but also for the brain. When you close your eyelids, visual information does not enter it and this helps it to rest. Usually people blink How Many Times Do You Blink a Day — and Why? / from 14,400 to 19,200 times a day, spending half a second on each such movement. That is, in fact, you spend 10% of your waking time in the dark.

In addition, the cornea lacks blood vessels, so it needs How Many Times Do You Blink a Day — and Why? / oxygen from the tear film, which is renewed when blinking. And if you don't close your eyes for too long, due to lack of oxygen, it will begin to swell, which will lead to pain and blurred vision. In addition, you increase the risk of introducing pathogenic microbes into the eyes.

Image: Carlos Baker / Unsplash

People often start blinking less often when they sit at the computer for a long time. There is even such a term as computer vision syndrome. Research shows Computer vision syndrome / University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics that people looking at the screen close and open their eyes 66% less often.

But some people don't close their eyelids consciously — to set a world record.

For example, in 2011, in the Australian city of Darwin, Victory for ‘Eyesore’ in 40‑minute staring competition / Australian Broadcasting Corporation competition — who will last longer so as not to blink. It was attended by 45 people, but two reached the final — Stephen Stagg and Fergal Fleming. In the end, Fleming won, holding his eyelids motionless for 40 minutes and 59 seconds with an effort of will. And his opponent finally wavered and blinked.

Both claimed Victory for ‘Eyesore’ in 40‑minute staring competition / Australian Broadcasting Corporation that at the 10‑minute mark, their eyes began to water heavily. And after half an hour of continuous watching, Fleming admitted: he felt like he was getting a tattoo right on his eyeballs. This is how corneal edema feels, which occurs due to lack of moisture.

But Fergal Fleming is not the world's most persistent peeping tom player. In 2016, Julio Jaime from Colorado did not blink Longest Time To Keep Eyes Open Without Blinking / World Record 1 hour, 5 minutes and 11 seconds. He recorded his challenge on video, holding a phone with a timer running in front of the camera.

Image: Harry Quan / Unsplash

Jaime's record didn't last long. In 2019, he was beaten by Actor sets unofficial record by not blinking for over an hour / NY Post actor Paolo Ballesteros, who played peek-a-boo with his co-host Pauline Luna during the TV show. Pauline lasted 30 minutes and 44 seconds, and Paolo - 1 hour, 17 minutes and 3 seconds, although abundant tears were flowing down his face. Why did they do it? Well, it's just that some people really want to compete even on trifles.

However, overcame all these record holders on July 12, 2021 Longest time spent without eye blinking (Tratak meditation) / IBR Indian Anand Haridas. He did this not just for fun, but during trataka meditation. This is a tantric practice during which the yogi cleanses consciousness by continuously observing some small object, a candle flame or just a point in space. Anand was so filled that he meditated with his eyes open for 1 hour and 31 minutes.

Yes, people are willing to risk their own eyesight to become famous. Well, or achieve nirvana.

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