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About Everything Wiki » Work and Study » Why is it difficult to return to work after long holidays and how to fix it

Why is it difficult to return to work after long holidays and how to fix it

16 Jan 2024, 12:02, parser
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It can be difficult to get to work after a long weekend. Many people feel a loss of strength, longing and disappointment, unwillingness to take on even the simplest tasks. And sometimes it happens to those who had a great holiday. Let's figure out what is the reason for this condition and how to quickly return to the usual form.

1. You didn't have enough time to rest

The holiday week is still not a vacation. In addition, before a short rest, you usually have to solve too many different tasks. It happens that in December a person finishes more things than in two quiet months in the middle of the year. And he manages everything, but he comes to the finish tired or even burned out.

He hopes to regain his strength over the long weekend, but feels that he would love to stay at home for at least another week. And any thought of work causes apathy, longing and irritation.

What to do

First, admit that you still need to rest. And in no case do not blame yourself for the lack of strength and work enthusiasm. Try to spend 1-2 weeks in the most gentle mode. Here's what might help:

  • Start by putting things in order in the workplace. Maybe you only have a laptop and a smartphone on your desk. Then sort out the boxes — there may be a variety of little things that you have long forgotten about. For example, a chocolate bar that someone gave you a couple of months ago. Or a dried shoe sponge. Throw away everything you don't need. And if you want, add a few little things to the table that will please you. For example, an interesting calendar for next year.
  • Take on the simplest or most enjoyable tasks first. Doing them won't take much effort, but it will help you get involved in the work a little bit. And then move on to more complicated matters.
  • Be sure to rest after the end of the working day. Don't look at your work email, don't keep thinking about how to perform a difficult task more efficiently — just relax. Try to find the most relaxing activities if you need relaxation. Or vice versa — adding energy if you feel that you need to cheer up. Listen to yourself and your body.

2. The mode has changed dramatically

On holidays, you could afford to stay up late and sleep almost until lunch. And do what you really want, and not follow the schedule from the diary.

Perhaps you ate very differently. For example, they ate more heavy and sweet foods or ate exotic dishes that they had not tried before. Maybe they drank more alcoholic drinks than usual. All these changes are stress for the body, which he tried to cope with.

The weekend is over, and there is a new reason for stress — you have to get up earlier and do much more in a day. And again, adjust the diet. As a result, the body may "hang up" a little. And refuse to work hard and efficiently from the very first day.

What to do

Try to stick to the most comfortable regime for you. It doesn't have to be the same as before the holidays. Maybe post-holiday apathy will be a good reason for changes:

3. Holiday expectations were not met

Alas, this happens. The man expected a lot from the holidays, but in the end he was disappointed. Maybe he failed to implement the plans he had been thinking about for several months. Or reality turned out to be not as attractive as dreams. For example, a vacation at the resort turned out to be boring. Or during the holidays, there was a serious rift in the relationship.

Or maybe everything was fine. But there was no New Year's miracle, there was no fairy tale, which many adults and serious people are waiting for in their hearts. There doesn't seem to be anything to complain about, but it's still sad for some reason. And I don't want to start working at all.

What to do

There would be a piece of advice in a Christmas movie: "Keep believing in miracles, but remember that they don't happen by order." And inspiring music would play. In reality, the wizard will not come and will not promise a happy ending. But you can turn on the music yourself — this is a good remedy for moping and apathy. Here's what's worth a try:

  • Make an inspiring playlist. Let it turn on immediately after the alarm goes off. Choose the music that will definitely cheer you up. Then the work tasks may seem more attractive.
  • Do something very pleasant for yourself. Not because it's a holiday, not as a reward for achievements — just like that. Buy concert tickets. Contact a friend you haven't seen in a hundred years. Go to a cafe with exotic cuisine or unusual desserts. Look for interesting events in your city. Let the holiday go on — it's already yours, personal.

4. The rest was great, but took a lot of energy

This is the exact opposite situation, but it can also cause apathy and a bad mood.

Let's say you had a great time and got a lot of positive emotions. But it's time to return to the usual way of life. And here it may seem that all the good things ended with the holidays, and only dull weekdays and a dull routine lie ahead. And instead of the expected charge of cheerfulness, gloomy thoughts and the same apathy may arise.

What to do

Use the tips from all the previous points: enter the work rhythm gradually, and in your free time, please yourself and arrange small holidays.

You can also try to start some completely new business. For example, to master a hobby that you've been thinking about for a long time, but never got around to doing it. A pleasant but difficult activity is new experiences and discoveries. This means that you can forget about the routine.

5. And there is very little money left

Often on holidays, people spend more on gifts and entertainment than they expected. But even if you are exactly on budget, the next month may require savings.

If you add one of the previous factors to this, you can feel serious longing and irritation. And to feel that circumstances severely restrict freedom. And having to do a bunch of work duties every day can enhance the feeling of tied hands.

It seems that the hints from the previous paragraphs will definitely not be useful. Well, how can you continue to please yourself and arrange small holidays if you don't have enough money? And fresh fruits, fish, greens are more expensive than sandwiches, potatoes and buckwheat with sausages.

Yes, that's right. But even in such a situation, you can find a way out.

What to do

Do not change the diet dramatically, but try to replace some harmful products with more useful ones. And in the same price category. For example, at least partially replace sweets and sweet bars with dried fruits. And sausages and sausage are cutlets. Add inexpensive vegetables to the diet, which can always be found in stores.

And of course, to please yourself, but not necessarily with purchases. In this case, completely new activities can also help.

It's time to remember that the beginning of the year is a great time to introduce fresh habits. You can set a goal: to test as many different endeavors as possible in a month, and at the end decide which of the activities you want to continue. For example, try to walk every day or master an unfamiliar set of exercises for the press, take up drawing or start learning a completely new language. Or get a bored guitar out of the closet.

You can find a case that will keep you engaged for a long time. This means that sadness and discontent will begin to recede.

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