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Telegram 10.3 was released: similar channels, decryption of audio messages for everyone and not only

20 Jan 2024, 12:05, parser
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Telegram 10.3 update was released, which brought Similar channels, reposting stories and 9 more innovations / Telegram 11 new features and improvements. Among them is the channel recommendation system. Every time you subscribe to a channel, a list of similar public channels that may be of interest to you will appear on the screen. They are selected based on the intersection of audiences.

Illustration: Telegram

Stories can now be reposted to yourself — and accompanied by text, audio track or video message. You can also select the circle of users who will see this repost.

Another important change is that transcription of audio and video messages is now available without a Premium subscription. There was a "but": you can decrypt only two messages per week for free. Premium subscribers do not have a limit. It is noted that this feature is spreading gradually and may not be available in all regions yet.

Also among the innovations:

  • You can now add a video message in a circle on top of the story (your own or someone else's when reposting);
  • Premium subscription now allows you to add a unique combination of logo and profile color;
  • Premium also allows you to apply new chat wallpapers so that they are displayed both for you and the interlocutor;
  • Channel owners now have access to statistics on views, transfers and reactions to stories — with graphs;
  • Administrators can also add emojis from non—standard sets to the list of reactions - one for each channel level;
  • All Telegram applications now automatically recognize the code language in messages and highlight the syntax (when the "code" formatting type is used);
  • The application remembers the display mode when viewing groups with topics — in the form of a single chat or separate topics;
  • The self—destruction of messages on iOS is now accompanied by a "Thanos click" - an animation in which a file or text crumbles into dust.

The update is already available on all platforms.

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