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About Everything Wiki » DIY » Online shopping in the USA: locations, rules, restrictions, delivery

Online shopping in the USA: locations, rules, restrictions, delivery

04 May 2023, 13:40, parser
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You probably know that it is important not only to use your time effectively and spend it usefully, you also need to manage to spend your earnings effectively. We are not rich enough to buy cheap, but this only concerns our homeland, it seems. And in America, you can buy everything cheap without losing on quality, and today I will tell you where, what and how to do it.

Today's selection will concern clothing and related products, forgive me, computer geeks.

1. General information about the parcel trade

Remember the simple rules that will allow you to avoid the close and unnecessary attention of customs:

  • You should not receive parcels worth more than 10000 rubles per week if you ordered it by regular mail (AirMail, USPS), and no more than 5000 rubles in the case of express services (and this amount includes in this case the delivery price!). Note. It seems that the fact that EMS in Russia is a PR, problems with EMS should not be up to the amount of 10 thousand. At least I received parcels at a price close to this amount without any problems.
  • Prepare notes on the sizes of everyone who is supposed to buy clothes for. Despite the fact that inches are rampant in America, they almost always report sizes in cm.
  • Keep in mind that, as a rule, our size M is noticeably smaller than the American one, probably they eat more. It is better to immediately refer to more precise dimensions, if they are available.
  • Also note that the cut of clothing may vary, so choose the right height: low, medium, high (petite, normal, tall).
  • It is better to use Paypal, where possible — extra insurance, plus no need to disclose card information to someone else.
  • Forget about buying fur, cosmetics and liquids in general — most likely the parcel will be wrapped at their place.
  • You will understand for yourself that they have sales for any reason, but if you take into account the delivery, then in my opinion it is worth looking closely only at positions with a red price.

2. The actual list of places delivering to us — famous brand with good quality. They deliver to Russia by Fedex, they do not inform the delivery price in advance and therefore are not particularly interesting, although you may like the things they offer. I like their shirts that don't need an iron. — denim happiness. I will not leave my reviews, but young people may like the store. / — sportswear. — fans of frostbitten T-shirts here. At least have some fun. / — a paradise for lovers of fishing and hunting. Well, those who like Casual. Delivery — UPS, hence the — limit of 5 thousand. But their sales are mind-blowing. One hundred rubles for a kilogram of good clothes. / — shoes, as is clear from the name. In my experience, I can say that given the delivery, you are unlikely to be able to save on shoes. But everything pays for the quality — they have it there really inspires. / — lovers of branded underwear of both sexes. Delivery by regular mail for 300 rubles. — a fantastic amount of high-quality (!) clothes without pretensions. I've been using it for a long time and I'm very happy. They are delivered both by regular mail and by express. They pack well, delivery to Moscow by regular mail rarely takes longer than 3 weeks. / — a well-known denim brand, on sale you can buy jeans of non-Cherkizovsky quality at Cherkizon prices. Well, I don't want to get out of their T-shirts at all. / — young girls, I don't consider myself one of them and I can't leave a review. / — women's clothing. Let your imagination run wild. — big sale of clothes and other things. High quality and cheap, and here you can meet well-known brands.

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