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How to restore life balance

04 May 2023, 05:52, parser
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Wherever you look lately, there are solid motivational quotes everywhere! On social networks, blogs, mailing lists and tweeters, people share with each other inexhaustible wisdom on how to become successful and prosperous. Always smiling coaches deserve a special mention (ugh, what a nasty word!). However, this is their job.

«Life is passing away, and you're not a millionaire yet? Start right now!», «Only hard work can lift you up!», « Your business must become your only passion, otherwise nothing will work out!» — such theses are hammered into our heads from all sides. As a result, it becomes completely natural when a person fully focuses on his project, because this is the right recipe for success. However, is this really the case?

In general, the lectures of many preachers of full concentration at work resemble religious teachings about the afterlife.

Right now it is necessary to work hard, strain yourself extremely, and then it will be time for relaxation and enjoyment

. This happens for a few, but the absolute majority does not.

What is the danger of such a religiously manic approach to your work? First of all, the fact that the balance in a person's life disappears. He has a family, but he does not pay attention to it at all. He has health problems, but absolutely no time to take care of himself and so on. Then, everything then — life is postponed for a period «after…».

How can I determine if there is a problem?

It is sometimes quite difficult to admit to yourself that something is going wrong. A person can be so passionate about his business, so believe in imminent success, that he completely refuses to admit the obvious. The situation may be aggravated by Steve's icons hanging around the computer, reading one of the many success bibles, or attending motivation enhancement courses.

However, there is always an opportunity to stop, look at the situation from the outside and think about why the hell your life is falling apart? Here are the main signs of your illness:

  • You pay too much attention to one area of your life, while ignoring everything else.
  • You work more than 10 hours a day. Without weekends and holidays.
  • Your wife, children, and friends hardly fit into your schedule.
  • Your health is deteriorating, but there is no time for sports.
  • You have difficulty navigating the surrounding environment, hardly remember what time of year it is and what you ate for breakfast.

How to restore balance?

1. Listen to others

Although your wife does not understand anything about PHP, and a friend does not distinguish a hard drive from a processor, it is still worth listening to their opinion. Listen to what your loved ones say about you and your lifestyle. You may not really like what you hear, but many things are much more visible from the outside. Discuss with your spouse or with the whole family the current situation and measures to solve it. The sooner you change things, the less conflicts there will be in the future.

2. Evaluate the importance of the goal and the risks

Make sure you understand what it's about: Are you really willing to risk the well-being of your family or your health to achieve the goal? As soon as you see the big picture, you will most likely decide to change the situation and look for a balance.

3. Change your point of view

Look at yourself through the eyes of another person. For example, think about how your spouse feels when you work all the time? Is it not working? Then just switch roles and take care of the children and dinner, while your spouse goes about her business. When you understand how the other person feels, it will become much easier to make decisions to balance your life.

4. Set aside time for other things too

Our life should not be devoted only to work — it must contain other things. Make sure you devote some time to yourself, your family and your friends. This way you will be able to create a balanced life and feel much better.

5. Make your chart visible

After you make up your new schedule, in which you allocate time not only for work, but also leave free hours, hang it in a prominent place, for example on the refrigerator. This way everyone will see when you are available to them, which will remove many conflicts.

 In conclusion

When you pay too much attention to one area of your life, the consequences can be disastrous. That is why it is so important to apply efforts to maintain balance. When your life is balanced, you are happier and more productive as a result. When you are completely absorbed in one thing, everything goes down the drain, and even the achieved goal loses all meaning.

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