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About Everything Wiki » Travel » How to save money on buying airline tickets

How to save money on buying airline tickets

04 May 2023, 05:41, parser
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If you plan your trip in advance and know where to look for tickets, then you can save on this point of your expenses. Here is a list of tips on how to do this.

How to save money on buying air tickets, a girl looks out the window at the airport


Watch in advance, watch often

The sooner you start looking for flights, the better. Even if you are not 100% sure of the exact date of your departure, start researching the prices and their changes from different airlines in order to understand which of them you will be able to fly on a trip as a result. Of course, this will give you a little trouble, but it will help you save money in the future.

Therefore, check the same flights to understand their patterns of rising and falling prices. Different airlines have different schedules, so prices can change from day to day. If you have such an opportunity, then every day at a certain hour, track the prices of tickets for approximate dates in the right direction, then you will understand the pattern of price changes and will be aware of how they vary. After your travel plans are approved, you will be able to take a ticket at a better price, because you will already know when to do it.

Usually, prices go up steeply over time, especially in the last few weeks before the departure date. Always try to buy tickets at least 1 month before the trip.

Travel in the middle of the week

Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday are very difficult days for flights, so airlines raise the cost of tickets for flights on these days.

Adjust your plans so that you can fly on Wednesday or Thursday — this will help you save several thousand rubles! Even if you are planning a weekend trip, try to find a way to extend it for 1-2 days — so you can avoid flights in the "hot" time.

Travel light

Clarify the company's policy on the permissible weight of luggage and the availability of hand luggage (some companies allow only one additional bag, some allow two). After all, many airlines charge a decent amount for excess baggage weight, which can cause serious damage to your financial condition.

Therefore, be vigilant and weigh your luggage at home, try to exclude everything superfluous. In addition, traveling light is much more pleasant — think about yourself, about how you will move in taxis, elevators and other stations.

Order tickets online

Online orders are cheaper for airlines because they do not have to hire maintenance staff, and this allows them to avoid many other production costs, which ultimately helps save the buyer. Booking tickets online is not only cheap, but also very convenient.

Don't be afraid of connecting flights

Although waiting at the airport for the next flight cannot be called a pleasant pastime, connecting flights will help you save a lot of money. Direct flights are more popular, and therefore more expensive, so if you want to save money, consider flights with one or more stops in the middle. With a good book, the wait can fly by unnoticed!

Consider a night flight option

If you have the opportunity to take time the next day after arrival to restore your physical condition, then consider the option of night flights. They will also help you save money.

Do not buy "round-trip" tickets if you are going on a long trip

If you plan to travel for more than 4 weeks, then buy one ticket in that direction and buy a ticket back separately. Airlines charge a large fee for ordering round-trip tickets when the time interval between flights is more than 1 month.

Compare prices from several agencies

Do not be lazy to search for tickets through different online ordering services, because prices can vary significantly depending on the sites. Explore as many options as possible to choose for yourself the most optimal of all possible, then you will be able to meet a pleasant and small amount.

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