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Tools that help people working in multiple time zones at the same time

03 May 2023, 20:08, parser
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I recently wrote about a problem that all people working in several time zones at the same time know. Not every brain is enough to understand where it is morning, where it is day, and where it is already late evening and it is better not to disturb the employee.

Today I will talk about a web service and an application that allows me to solve particularly complex time collisions.
Tools that help people working in multiple time zones at the same time

Every Time Zone Web Service

It's just a website that allows you to compare your current time with the time in the main time zones. You can also drag the slider to plan a meeting, or just to understand what time your colleague has on the other side of the earth.

Each location of the time cursor has its own fixed link, which you can share in correspondence — it's mega convenient!

how to quickly determine what time is in a different time zone,1545,6be

World Clock Mobile App

I use the app on iPad and iPhone — World Clock. Its beauty is that you can set any country and get a set of time zones you need for it. As on the Every Time Zone web service, you see time lines with marked days, nights and evenings for a more accurate understanding of the time picture.

If you put the iPad on a stand, you will be able to constantly watch the analog clocks of the belts you are interested in, as well as watch a map of the movement of the Sun.

World Clock, iPhone, iPad how to conveniently monitor time zones application for determining time in different time zones

The app is paid — $2.99.

Standard tools

Here I will touch only on the tools that I use on the OS in which I work directly.

Few people know, but in iCal, when planning meetings, you can choose any time zone and adjust to the time of a remote colleague.

iCal, how to make appointments correctly

I.e. you you need to create a meeting in the selected time zone, and it will be adapted automatically for your time.

The Clock app on the iPhone helps in orienting in time zones, it does not help at all in planning future events.

Clock on iPhone, scheduling meetings in different time zones

And how do you solve this problem for yourself if you have it?

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