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About Everything Wiki » News » The best Microsoft Store apps of 2023 have been announced

The best Microsoft Store apps of 2023 have been announced

25 May 2023, 12:00, parser
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Microsoft announced the winners of the Microsoft Store App Awards 2023 — an award that is awarded to the best applications on Windows according to the editors of the official store.

But this year, changes were made to the procedure for selecting winners: now users also had the opportunity to nominate applications for the titles of the best in separate categories. Therefore, instead of the top five, we got ten.

User Selection

  • Utilities and tools: Torrex is a BitTorrent client that is gaining popularity.
  • Productivity: Mozilla Firefox is a browser that recently received privacy improvements and an updated password manager.
  • Audio and Video: VLC is a popular open source player.
  • Creativity: Sketchable Plus is an application for drawing and quick sketches with a simple interface.
  • Personalization: Lively Wallpaper is a free open source application for setting GIFs, videos and web pages as desktop wallpapers.

Editors' Choice

  • Creativity: Descript is a video editor that simplifies video editing to the level of editing presentations.
  • Entertainment: Amazon Prime Video is a streaming service application that recently received Arm64 support.
  • Productivity: Concepts is a sketching application with support for touch input and styluses.
  • Better integration with Windows: WhatsApp — the new version of the messenger has received picture-in-picture mode, native Windows notifications and support for video calls for 8 people.
  • Special Recognition: Ava Accessibility is an application that converts sound into text, making life easier for people with hearing problems.
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