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Which Russian TV series are worth watching?

03 May 2023, 07:12, parser
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This question was sent by our reader. You can also ask your question to a Life Hacker — if it is interesting, we will definitely answer.

Which Russian TV series are worth watching?


Previously, Lifehacker had several compilations with good Russian TV series. If you haven't watched it yet, we recommend starting with these:

  • "Call center". On the 12th floor of the building there is a call center of an online store for adults. On the birthday of Kirill, one of the company's employees, unknown people lock 12 people in the office and inform them that a bomb is hidden in the room. It will explode in 8 hours — or maybe even earlier, if someone present does not obey them.
  • "Survival game". The participants of the TV reality show "Survivor" go to the deserted and wild Siberian taiga ‑ the winner will receive a solid 2 million euros. On the first day, the participants, divided into two teams, pass the obstacle course and produce fire. The very next morning, they find no trace of either the presenter or other members of the film crew. The real survival game begins.
  • "Peace! Friendship! Chewing gum!". This is a series about a teenager Sasha Ryabinin, who grows up in an honest but poor family, and together with friends constantly gets involved in various criminal stories. The series vividly shows the growing up of several characters at once in the 90s. The look of a teenager allows you to brighten up the harsh realities and focus on incredible adventures, strong friendship and first love.

You can find even more really cool Russian TV series at the links below.

We recommend looking at 🧐
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