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Torrent for free: Transmission and BitRocket

03 May 2023, 13:08, parser
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Last time I did a review of the shareware client program Xtorrent for the p2p network of the same name. But it is impossible to ignore other options. Everyone needs to download torrent for free. Therefore, I will tell you about two useful torrent clients.

Transmission is one of the most well-known and beloved clients by many users. The pleasant Cocoa interface immediately predisposes to convenience and comfort when working with it. However, having launched the program for the first time, it may seem too simple and devoid of all sorts of features. Do not be so biased about its appearance, because in fact Transmission has rich settings and capabilities. Below I will highlight the main points:

  • flexible control of speed limits and ratio
  • torrent statistics
  • selective setting of download priorities for each torrent
  • alerts


In addition, this program is open-source and practically does not load the processor of your mac. Simplicity and ease of use, flexibility of settings and stability of operation — these factors are the mainstay when choosing a torrent client. All this is what the client just reviewed has.

BitRocket. Another great open-source torrent client. However, it does not have such a rich choice of settings as Transmission. But there are other advantages that make it a competitor for many analogues. Everything is in one window (looks like Xtorrent).

Torrent for free

To the basic settings of any analog, for BitRocket, you need to add the following: search for torrent sites, rss support, a nice interface and easy navigation. As of today, BitRocket is still in beta. In any case, the program works stably. And I think we should expect even more useful and necessary features for the first stable release.

You may ask which client does the author of these two reviews prefer? I use BitRocket and am quite happy with it.

Useful links:

  • Transmission
  • BitRocket
  • Xtorrent— shareware client for BitTorrent
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