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About Everything Wiki » Life » 5 unhealthy habits of carrying bags and backpacks + 3 tips on how to choose a comfortable bag

5 unhealthy habits of carrying bags and backpacks + 3 tips on how to choose a comfortable bag

17 May 2023, 05:56, parser
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Whether it's a shoulder bag or a sports bag, a briefcase or a backpack, a laptop bag or any other device for carrying something, improper carrying of a bag can harm your health. If your burden is too heavy or improperly wearable, it can cause pain in the head, neck, shoulders.

Bags are often lying right on the floor, if you come into contact with them, you can pick up harmful microbes and, worse, get infected with something. This article lists the 5 most common bad habits for carrying bags, as well as recommendations on how to avoid them.

So, wrong:

5. Constantly carry a heavy bag on one shoulder

The weight of the bag should not exceed 10% of your body weight. If it is heavier, and even more so you wear it constantly on the same shoulder, it can cause back and shoulder pain. Bags of impressive weight can cause headaches.

People think they have a migraine, but in fact the heavy bag is to blame for everything. Too much pressure exerted on the trapezius muscle, which goes to the back of the neck to the skull, can cause severe headaches.

To avoid this, alternate sides of carrying the bag every quarter or two. Most of us carry bags on one side for 20-30 years, arguing that it is more convenient this way. Introduce the habit of changing the sides of carrying a bag, then headaches will be avoided.

4. Carry a bag with thin straps

Bags or backpacks with thin straps, especially heavy enough, cut into the shoulder muscle, causing wild pain. Belts with metal attachments further worsen the situation. Wider and thicker straps distribute the weight better.

A small life hack: if you have to walk around with a bag all day, the straps of which are quite thin, and your shoulder hurts because of it, move the bag forward, picking it up like a child. So it will be possible to reduce the pressure on the shoulders at least for a while.

3. Wearing a backpack too low

If you decide to wear a backpack in order to evenly distribute the weight, make sure you wear it properly. Wear it as a backpack, and not shifted to one shoulder. Also make sure that the backpack does not hang too low. Ideally, it should be located in the lower part of the chest, and not at waist level.

2. Put the bag on the floor

Bags travel no less than we do ourselves: from the bedroom to the car (bus, train, plane), then to the office or shop, to a cafe or bar, even to a public toilet and, finally, back home — straight to the kitchen table. Now do you understand what I'm getting at? Besides the fact that your bag gets dirty faster when you put it on the floor, you collect a lot of bacteria, such as Staphylococcus and E. coli, which can cause infection. Try not to put, do not throw the bag on the floor and wipe it from the bottom daily.

1. Use the same bag everywhere

Avoid carrying the same bag everywhere you go. Otherwise, your burden will become heavier and heavier every day, as more and more new things will appear there. Get one bag for the gym, another for the second shoe, and a third for shopping. Distribute the weight instead of loading everything into one big bag.

Tip: Do not carry water with you. After all, bottles weigh a lot. When you need to drink water, it is better to spend on it the accumulated change from your pocket for a day or two.

3 tips: what to pay attention to when buying a bag

Does your back hurt from the bag? Follow these tips if you want to buy not just a practical, but also not a pretty bag:

Pay attention to the weight of the bag itself

Some modern bags are decorated with metal rivets, buckles and chains. The leather also adds weight to the bag. Such bags are heavy by themselves. Feel how much your bag weighs when it is empty to estimate how much it will weigh with all the things you carry with you every day.

Take a closer look at the handles or straps

Choose non-sliding handles. Give preference to bags with small straps, like a briefcase, to hold it in your hands, not on your shoulder. Messenger bags or postman's bags also distribute the weight well.

Make sure that the bag really fits you (in height)

Believe it or not — it's up to you, but some bags really may not suit you. When buying, pay attention to the height of its location. If the bag is too short, you will not be able to swing your arms, and if it is too long, it spoils your gait. The bag should be right at your waist level.

Do you have your own special secrets of choosing or carrying bags, especially heavy ones? If so, tell us about them in the comments!

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