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About Everything Wiki » Technologies » Little-known, but undoubtedly useful Google search features

Little-known, but undoubtedly useful Google search features

03 May 2023, 13:07, parser
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Sometimes it seems that you know everything about the possibilities of Google search. I think many people use operators «+», «-«, they search for exact phrases by enclosing them in quotation marks, and synonyms are selected by putting a sign before the word «~». Recently, our reader Vladimir Epifanov (thank you, Vladimir!) I sent a link to an unofficial Google search guide. There are some interesting points there.

Numerical search

For example 3..7 years

search definition and meanings for a word — define:

For example: define:blog

Search by phone books of American cities (looking for relatives) — phonebook:

For example: phonebook:smirnov new york

As you can see, you can get addresses, phone numbers and even data from the mapping service

Weather for four days — weather:

For example, weather:moscow

Russian provincial cities (at least regional centers) are also supported

Search for movie reviews (English) — movie:

For example: movie:transformers

By the way, if you live in the States, you can also find the schedule of cinemas in the selected city: movie:nyc

Search for information about artists, their albums and songs — music:

For example, music:shakira


Google can be used as a calculator, it knows: +— * % ^; sin, cos, arctan, tan; logarithms, etc. Details of the calculator can be found in the help (in Russian)

Conversion of units of measurement:

50 fahrenheit in celsius

You can also use Russian in the search — 25 miles per kilometer

Currency conversion

Just write: $ 600 in rubles

And now a mixed request: 3.2 dollars / gallon in rubles / liter! (this example is already borrowed from the official Google website).

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