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About Everything Wiki » Survival » What should I do if I meet a fox

What should I do if I meet a fox

17 Jan 2024, 00:04, parser
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Where can I meet a fox

An encounter with a wild animal can occur both in the forest and in the vicinity of the city.

If the fox lives near popular hiking trails and parking spots and often receives gifts from people, it can go out to vacationers in the hope of a treat.

Wild animals appear in the city both in search of food and to look for a place to breed offspring. For example, at the beginning of 2023, the fox family settled down Wild fox with cubs, who chose a kindergarten in Moscow, left the territory / RIA Novosti under the veranda in a kindergarten in the south‑west of Moscow.

Rabid animals can also enter the city. They lose their sense of self-preservation and can appear in crowded places without fear, attack pets and approach a person.

What to do if you meet a fox

First of all, do not panic. Most foxes are safe for humans and will not attack without a good reason.

If the animal shows no signs of aggression and keeps at a distance, do the following:

Do not try to feed the animal or pet it. Even if it doesn't end in anything bad for you personally, a positive experience will make the fox continue to reach out to people, and this can be dangerous.

If the animal runs straight at you without fear, it may be infected with rabies. Try to find shelter, for example in a car or even in a tree.

If this is not possible, try to keep the predator at a distance. For example, pick up a stick or take off your backpack. In case of an attack, the beast will cling to the makeshift shield, not to your arm or leg.

What to do if a fox bites

If the fox still bit you, accept MEMO on rabies prevention measures / Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia measures to avoid getting rabies:

  1. Treat the wound. Wash the bite site with soap and water for 15 minutes. Then treat the edges with a 5 percent tincture of iodine.
  2. Contact a medical facility to get vaccinated. The modern course for emergency rabies prevention consists of Rabies vaccinations / Vidal Medicines Handbook of the six doses of the vaccine, which are administered intramuscularly — into the shoulder.
  3. Do not delay contacting a doctor. Rabies vaccine is effective Rabies vaccinations / Vidal Medicines Handbook in 96-98% of cases, but only if treatment is started no later than the 14th day after the bite.

If a fox has bitten your pet, contact your veterinarian immediately. Rabies can not only kill a pet, but also make it dangerous for others during the illness.

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