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About Everything Wiki » Survival » 4 non-obvious things from the supermarket that will help you survive in an extreme situation

4 non-obvious things from the supermarket that will help you survive in an extreme situation

03 May 2023, 16:04, parser
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1. Garbage bags

No, no, not those that are of a wonderful soft purple color and smell of lavender, but the simplest black garbage bags with a volume of 150-200 liters. They are thicker and stronger than the ones we used to buy for the trash can. And they cost more. But it is these bags that will help you out in an extreme situation and at the same time will not take up much space in your backpack.

Methods of application:

  • Make a waterproof poncho.
  • Hide clothes, food and other things from the water.
  • Insulate the tent from the rain.
  • Build a shelter from the bags.
  • Use the bag as a bucket for water.
  • Collect rainwater or meltwater in bags.

2. Nylon tights

Nylon tights are a very delicate detail of the wardrobe. Arrows are constantly appearing on them. But if you take bigger and thicker tights, they will not fail so quickly. Tights are inexpensive and take up little space.

Methods of application:

  • As a protective mesh on the face from insects.
  • When crossing doubtful reservoirs to protect against leeches.
  • Filtration of water from garbage.
  • A net for catching fish.
  • Packaging for food or things. In nylon tights it is convenient to carry something like in a bag. They withstand sufficient weight and do not tear.

3. Tampons and pads

Harsh Vikings will find it strange and even shameful to have such things in an emergency suitcase, but they are very useful.

Methods of application:

  • Gaskets can be used for dressing wounds. They take the shape of the body well.
  • Tampons need to be "disassembled" into external and internal parts. The outer one, similar to gauze, can be attached to the neck of a plastic bottle and filter the water from small debris.
  • The inner part, made of cotton, can be used to light a fire, especially if lubricated with vaseline.

Tampons and pads are easy to buy in any supermarket, shop or pharmacy. They are inexpensive and weigh little.

4. Hand sanitizing gel

Do not forget about basic hygiene. You can have weapons and a lot of kilograms of food, and you will die in a fever because of some stupid infection. What will be on your hands after you clean the freshly caught fish? Even a small jar of the product can prolong your life for several weeks.

And such gels burn well, so you can use them to light a fire. Squeeze a little gel onto paper or a piece of cotton wool (see the previous paragraph) and set it on fire. Disinfectant gels are sold in packages that are convenient to carry in a bag.

Do you have similar ideas of simple and inexpensive things that will help you survive in an extreme situation?

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