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About Everything Wiki » Survival » How to use a smartphone to survive in the wild

How to use a smartphone to survive in the wild

03 May 2023, 16:03, parser
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The most important thing to remember in such a case is: your smartphone is simply stuffed with different wiring, as well as plastic, electronic and metal parts. When it comes to survival, you should forget about the cost of the gadget, take it apart and figure out how to use them. Here are some ideas.


The lithium-ion battery of a smartphone is one of the most important components. We all remember stories about how defective batteries of some devices can spontaneously combust. This is due to the fact that lithium is an alkali metal with a high reactivity and, when in contact with air, usually catches fire. So why not use this to make a bonfire?

This method is reliable, but one-time. Therefore, if you want to be able to light a fire several times, you should choose a more gentle method of using the battery. To do this, you need to find some thin wiring or even foil in the electronic insides of your smartphone to close the contacts.


If the smartphone screen is intact, then it is best to use it as a reflective element for sending distress signals. The sunbeam from the screen can be seen for many kilometers.

If the screen is broken, then still do not rush to throw it away. Was it in vain that the best laboratories in the world developed this ultra-strong tempered glass? With it, you can skin the carcass of small prey or sharpen the end of a wooden stick.


The motherboard of the device consists of a fairly hard and sharp-edged material, which, depending on the need, can be used as a scraper or even a knife. If you break the board into several pieces of a suitable shape, you will get sharp tips that are quite suitable for small darts. Do not forget only to carefully inspect all electronic components in search of the most suitable for the role of a fishing hook.


Everyone knows that you can find a small magnet in the dynamics of almost any smartphone. There are also enough small delays in the gadget. So, you can build a compass.

To do this, simply put a magnetized piece of wire on any piece of paper and place it on the surface of the water. As a result of the Earth's magnetic field, one of the ends of the wire will point you to the north.

The video below uses slightly different materials, but it gives a clear idea of the sequence of actions.


More than half of the owners of mobile gadgets never part with headphones, so we decided to include this accessory in the review. Of course, you will need the headset not as a source of great music, but as a strong and thin cord. There may be dozens of different situations when it can be useful to you, for example, as a fishing line for a fishing rod or a tourniquet to stop blood in case of injury. Therefore, in no case do not throw away your favorite headphones, even when you have absolutely no time for music.

And what ways of using a mobile phone for survival can you offer? Complete this article with a cool tip, and we will include it in the text!

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