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About Everything Wiki » Survival » How to get out of a sinking car

How to get out of a sinking car

03 May 2023, 16:03, parser
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1. Don't panic

Of course, when a stream of water gushed into the car, it is not so easy to maintain composure, but it is vital. Panicking and wasting precious oxygen and energy, you deprive yourself of the chance to get out alive. Try to calm down and focus on what needs to be done.

2. Remember: the most chances to escape in the first 30-120 seconds

Usually, in the first 30-120 seconds, the car still stays on the surface of the water. This is the easiest time to escape. If you remain calm, 30 seconds should be enough to get out of the car even with passengers.

3. Don't wait for the pressure to equalize!

When the car is submerged in water, the difference in pressure inside and outside just won't open the door. It is believed that you need to wait until the water completely fills the cabin and the pressure equalizes, and only then try to open the doors. But this theory is not entirely true. The pressure will equalize, but most likely, by that time you will have already drowned.

4. Get out through the window

If the water has not had time to rise above the windows, lower the windows and get out. Contrary to popular belief, there will not be an immediate short circuit of automatic window lifters in the water. But then, when the car is fully submerged, you will definitely not be able to open the windows.

5. Break the side window

This is much more difficult than it seems, because especially strong tempered glass is being used now. Do not waste time on the windshield, it is covered with a special protective film. But there is a chance to break the side window. Try to hit the corner of the window, so it will be easier to break the glass.

It is best to keep some special tool in the car that will help in an emergency, such as an emergency hammer. They can not only break the glass, but also cut the seat belt if it is jammed. Keep such a tool in an accessible place so that in case of an accident you do not have to waste time searching for it.

Don't forget: as soon as you break the glass, a stream of water will pour into the car. It is still possible to get out at this time. Stay calm and swim in the direction of the rising bubbles.

6. Help passengers if there are any

First, try to calm them down. Explain what you are going to do: people feel calmer when they have a plan of action.

If there are children in the car, help them unfasten their seat belts. Older children can get out through the back window. But, if the child is very small, take him in your arms and get out together through the side window on your side.

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