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About Everything Wiki » Survival » #OCCUPYCENTRAL Civil Protest Communication Tools in Hong Kong that you should know about

#OCCUPYCENTRAL Civil Protest Communication Tools in Hong Kong that you should know about

03 May 2023, 06:35, parser
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We are all following with interest what is happening in Hong Kong. The reason for the emergence of civil disobedience is more or less clear, and it is more interesting for us to tell you about the tools that protesters use for communication, coordination and communication.

Google Docs

The protesters systematize the data on provisions, water and toilets in an amazing way in a publicly available document. You can take a look at it yourself. In fact, this document is the central information hub of the protest!

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Today, 100 thousand copies of this application are installed in Hong Kong per day. It is a messenger that does not need the Internet to work. As soon as the government cuts off the Internet, the connection between the protesters does not disappear. Messages are transmitted over Wi-Fi in phones, and data is transferred over a peer-to-peer network between those who have the application running, provided that they do not move away from each other by more than 70 meters.

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We believe that each of us should have such an application on our smartphone in reserve.

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This portal is an open source of all data collected during a civil protest: photos, videos, texts, maps and much more.


Of course, Facebook pages and closed groups* have become a source of verified information shared by participants and activists of the "umbrella" protest. Protestants coordinate their actions, charge their phones, or simply find out the latest news on the pages of LIVE: Verified updates 已證實消 and 926.

Here is an example of one of these publications.

Post by LIVE: Verified updates 已證實消息發放專頁.

Friends and relatives keep in touch via WhatsApp, which is very popular in Hong Kong. The service works only in areas where the government has not turned off the Internet.

Note that the list does not include classic and popular services and networks in China, which are most often completely controlled by government agencies.

Instagram Facebook and social networks owned by Meta Platforms Inc. are prohibited from operating in the territory of the Russian Federation.


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