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About Everything Wiki » Fitness » Reasons why Beginners Quit running

Reasons why Beginners Quit running

03 May 2023, 13:16, parser
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One of my first questions to Konstantin Bozhko was the question of the reasons why beginners quit running. As a weak-willed person in relation to this occupation, I still wanted to understand whether it is possible «I don't want » and « tired » somehow classify, sort out and finally find the answer to the question «Why?!».


Yes, psychotype matters, because depending on our temperament, we do things — react violently, hurry up or vice versa, tread on the spot.

Why do people start running? The main reason is mainly to lose weight, strengthen the heart and tighten the overall physical shape. And for some reason, it seems to many that the weight accumulated over the years can be thrown off in just two weeks. Or at least see the first results. Before running — on the scales. After running — on the scales. In the evening — also on the scales. Nothing will change dramatically in two weeks!

The main problem for beginners is that they want to achieve everything at once.

In order to feel at least some improvements, you need at least a month. The body is updated once every 3 weeks (just like indexing sites by search engines — averaged), so take your time ;)

There is another group of those who throw. I would call it a group of excellent students. That is, this is when a person immediately wants to achieve high results, begins intensive training, is engaged for, for example, 3 months and as a result of improper training and heavy loads gets injured.

Injuries are quite common among beginners and are the second reason why people abandon running classes.

Therefore, if you decide to seriously take up running and, for example, want to run a marathon, look for a trainer who will write out your program for you depending on your physical form and your characteristics and show you how to train properly.

Reason #3 — the load is too small. This applies to those who, already having a good physical shape, decided to take up running, and for them the load that running gives turns out to be too small. They just don't feel it and running, as a sport, becomes uninteresting to them.

In this case, the coach will also save you, who will tell you and show you how to do it correctly. One of the options for rescues can be running in a group. Especially if people from this group have the same views on running and problems, respectively, are also the same. It turns out something like group therapy on the run. The company runs easier and faster. As Konstantin said, since August they have started practicing group runs in the parks of Kiev. As a result, after 3 months, the load increased significantly, but the participants hardly noticed it. People who at first barely ran 2 km, after three months quietly covered a distance of 15 km! This is a good option if you are not a loner. Since there are people who, while running, think about their plans for the day or analyze completed projects, or simply turn off their consciousness and run far and long.

And the last reason is medical contraindications. Before you start running, it is advisable to consult a doctor. At least go to your therapist and do a cardiogram in order to see that everything is fine and at least just jogging won't hurt you.

I shot a video with warm-up and running exercises on Sundays. It remains to process and lay out. Alexey Taranenko's question about sneakers does not let me sleep peacefully. We also talked about this with Konstantin Bozhko and this topic is very relevant, since the choice of really good running shoes in Ukraine and Russia is not as wide as we would like. Therefore, I will venture to look for online stores with a good choice that deliver orders abroad.

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