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About Everything Wiki » Survival » How to behave correctly if you have been kidnapped

How to behave correctly if you have been kidnapped

03 May 2023, 06:35, parser
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In view of the fact that soon part of the team he will leave for 2 months for the Asian winter, an interesting article on Wired about how to behave during kidnappings came into my field of vision. Vivid scenes from the Bangkok Hilton immediately surfaced in my memory, and it immediately became somehow uncomfortable. I understand perfectly well that such films are full of silly stereotypes, but it's still worth hedging.

The listed rules of behavior will be useful not only for those who decided to take a risk and look into all corners of Africa, but also for those who decided to fully immerse themselves in the culture and life of the inhabitants of Egypt and even Turkey (we somehow managed to get into the area where Kurds live in Istanbul — it is better to avoid it).

Talk to people who have already been to the country you are planning to visit

Before a risky trip, talk to people who have already been to these places. It's one thing to read something in guidebooks, and it's quite another to hear a story firsthand. In addition, it would not hurt to ask about the political weather in the country, as well as local customs.

Another safety net option may be papers certifying your identity, with a huge number of seals and signatures. They can convince the kidnappers that you are too important to kill you. However, this does not always work.

Be careful and stick to common sense

If you are going to countries where the average monthly income of the majority of the population is approaching the cost of your camera, try not to shine expensive things. For example, expensive equipment (a camera with a cannon lens on its stomach), expensive clothes or jewelry. Try not to dress flashily so that you can blend in with the crowd. It would also be nice to learn a few phrases in the local language in order to navigate at least a little in what is happening around. It is better for women to avoid too open and provocative clothing and to keep a respectful distance from local male representatives (especially in Muslim countries).

Always carry at least a small amount with you

Only a frustrated or angry robber can be worse than a robber. If he doesn't find anything of value with you, he can get very upset and just stab you with a knife out of frustration. Therefore, it is better to carry at least $ 100 with you, which as the price for your life is worth nothing to you personally, but for a thief it can be a fortune. But it is better to keep valuable documents (passport, driver's license, cards, etc.) in a separate wallet or a place where a robber is unlikely to look for after he has taken away your wallet with money.

Win the kidnappers' favor

If this has already happened and you have been kidnapped, try to win their favor — it can save your life. Most security companies advise kidnapping victims to establish contact with their kidnappers. Try to get them to talk about sports, family, maybe religion. If they see in you not just a thing for which you can get a ransom, but a person, you will have a much better chance of a happy ending.

Take care of yourself

Do not refuse the food and water that the kidnappers bring you. If you are sitting in a room without windows, listen to the sounds outside the room — they can determine the situation and time of day. Keep yourself in a cheerful state with the help of physical exercises. If you are not locked up alone, communicate with other prisoners, participate in drawing up an escape plan, listen to everything around you. This way you will have a better chance to stay unharmed and find out the reason and motives for the abduction.

Be attentive to warning signs

Were you abducted for ransom or for political reasons? What do your kidnappers want from you and do you have what they demand? If their plans include your murder, then their behavior will change dramatically. They may start being rude to you, stop feeding you. If you notice these alarming signs, it is better to hurry up and try to arrange an escape.

Stay away from the guards

It's one thing to watch movies in which all the hostages are saved. And it's quite another thing to be in a real situation. Rescue operations are always very stressful, so at such moments it is better to stay away from people with weapons in their hands. Your kidnappers can use you as a human shield, or decide to kill all the remaining hostages out of desperation. It is better to lie down on the floor, put your hands behind your head and do not make sudden movements so that rescuers do not make the mistake of mistaking you for a criminal. If there is an opportunity to hide behind some table or climb into the bathroom, it is better to use it.

This may look ridiculous for those who are used to standard tourism in All Inclusive hotels, but situations are different and now it is quite difficult to find a place in the world where it would be quite calm (the explosion of the train station in Madrid, explosions in hotels in Turkey and Egypt, etc.). So it's better to get acquainted with local rules and customs, inquire about the political situation in the country and observe basic rules of politeness.


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