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About Everything Wiki » Sexology » What role-playing games will make sex passionate

What role-playing games will make sex passionate

09 Jun 2023, 00:00, parser
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What is role-playing games

Generally speaking, sexual role—playing is an activity during which two or more people take on certain roles and act out scenarios based on their sexual fantasies.

However, the word "scenario" should not be taken literally. In some cases, the game can be worked out in detail in advance. In others, it's just improvisation within a given role.

The key word here is "fantasy".

Therefore, some games may have special costumes and sexual paraphernalia, and some do not. That is, changing the habitual behavior of partners during sex can already be considered a game. So this includes experiments with more aggressive behavior, and even the so-called dirty talk.

Why play role-playing games

The first and most obvious reason is that the game brings variety to sexual life. Yes, at first passions are boiling and the mere presence of a partner awakens a burning desire. However, often over time, the heat subsides and this beloved, but already familiar creature ceases to cause a storm of feelings. Or sex becomes too uniform and uninteresting. That's where the games come to the rescue.

In some of them, the partners seem to return to the beginning of the relationship. In this case, they usually re-enact the seduction stage. In others, they are aimed at getting new sensations. Here, sex toys or unusual practices associated, for example, with a bandage or domination and submission can come into play.

Another advantage has rather a psychological property. The point is that during the game partners can realize their long-standing sexual fantasies. This is a kind of liberation from obsessions. The result is emancipation, relief and, of course, pleasure.

Well, the last important bonus is strengthening relationships. Firstly, because the realization of secret desires, as a rule, becomes the secret of the couple. And secrets give a sense of community. Secondly, playing with a partner, a person overcomes the temptation to get what he wants on the side. There is already a stranger in his bed, and an old object of passion, and anyone else. Of course, with the caveat that this "anyone" is ready for the proposed experiments.

What role-playing games can I try

The ideas presented can be a specific hint or a starting point. Of course, you should only play by your own rules and your own game.

1. Strangers

This scenario is especially suitable for those who do not mind trying to have sex with a stranger, but are not ready to sacrifice relationships or security. You can try on a new look, relax and experiment. You can play at home, but it's even more interesting outside of it. For example, "accidentally" meet on the street and continue the meeting in a hotel room that is booked in advance.

2. Striptease

This relatively innocent erotic performance may well be considered a role-playing game. Pick a suitable outfit and try to get used to the role. By the way, not only a girl can dance.

3. Sex with a man from the service sector

This story has been played out a million times in various adult films. A negligent maid missed a spot on the mirror, and a plumber is very hot with a key? But there are massage therapists , fitness trainers, couriers, waiters and many others. So the script is ready.

4. Sex with someone with power

If you were turned on by a physical education teacher during your school years or you know exactly how Lyudmila Prokofievna had to punish Novoseltsev for a bad report, then this is for you. You can play the queen and the commoner, Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office, anyone. Choose according to your taste.

5. Rape

The extreme option of having sex with someone in authority is rape. Many people fantasize about such a scenario , but this does not mean that they want to make it a reality with a criminal. But in bed, you can imagine anything.

6. Mistress/master and slave

Sex with elements of BDSM can enrich with new impressions. But in this case, special attention should be paid to safety, even if it is a light binding.

7. Changing roles

If there is a clear division into a master and a slave in your pair, you can change the established order of things for the sake of experiment. A blindfold and / or handcuffs on the hands will help to overcome the constraint.

8. Fantasy

A role-playing game from a forest near Moscow can be transferred to your bed: hobbits, magicians and Muggles, a handsome prince, a light elf or a captain from a ship following Alpha Centauri. The number of props will depend only on your imagination. And for anime lovers, there are even tails that are attached to the anal plug. You definitely won't be bored.

9. Shooting a movie

Try to embody the script of your favorite movie (not necessarily porn: erotic scenes from any movie are also suitable) or capture your talents on camera. Don't chase acrobatic tricks. The main thing is to give yourself completely to the cause. And remember about security: such videos should not fall into the wrong hands.

What you need to do to like the role-playing game

Remember about safety precautions and follow simple rules.

1. Make sure you agree

Of course, any sex should be based on mutual consent. But it is of particular importance when it comes to unusual practices.

Never force a partner to those activities that he does not like. Even if you really want to. Even if you are sure that it will be great in the end.

And it is not necessary out of solidarity, politeness or pity to agree to an offer that you do not like. It is better to look for other points of intersection or even another partner than to risk mental or physical health.

2. Build the game on trust

Another basic point that concerns sex in general and role-playing games in particular. To minimize the negative consequences, you need to be confident in your partner. Otherwise, a variety of consequences are possible: starting with the fact that someone will tell others about your innermost desires, and ending with causing mental and physical harm.

3. Discuss the rules

Improvisation is improvisation, but it is better to discuss the conditions in advance. At least the moment that there are no conditions. If we are talking about BDSM practices, you always need to set the limits of what is allowed and choose a stop word and a stop gesture.

4. Make sure you have a basic knowledge of anatomy

This is especially important if we are talking about BDSM again: there are certain areas of the body that it is better not to use or use with extreme caution. For example, you can not touch the neck and large joints. And it is also necessary to leave a place under the ropes and not to leave a bound person unattended.

5. Learn the operating principles and operating rules of auxiliary devices

If you use sex toys or other props for the game (for example, real handcuffs), find out in advance and check how they work. Otherwise, there is a risk of spoiling the device, mood, or facing worse problems.

In particular, it should be remembered that not all toys can be taken into the bath, and only water-based lubricants are suitable for silicone products.

And you should not use analogues instead of sex toys, for example, erection rings with bolts or homemade vibrators. Safety first.

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