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About Everything Wiki » Sexology » How to seduce a man

How to seduce a man

08 Jun 2023, 00:00, parser
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The best way to seduce a man is to feel relaxed and sexy. Therefore, do not torment yourself without mood and apply these tips when you yourself feel the desire.

1. Use eye contact

In public places, you can throw playful or passionate glances at your partner so that he sees interest in your eyes. It won't work to simulate this, so look at him and think about how sexy he is. Then everything will work out by itself.

2. Say something playful

You can only hint at sex with a light and cheerful phrase, and his imagination will finish the rest on its own. Or try to boldly and openly talk about your desires. Many guys like it when a girl knows what she wants and is not afraid of dirty words.

3. Send a sexy message

Sexual correspondence and photo sharing is called sexting. You can make a playful hint or send a voice message that will make him blush. So he will definitely be looking forward to the evening for the rest of the day. The main thing is not to send anything that, in theory, it would be embarrassing for you to make public. Especially if you don't really trust the guy yet.

4. Show off your attractive parts

Most likely, your loved one finds all your body parts attractive without exception. But people are often unfair to themselves, so you can have your own list of what you like and what you don't. Try to show your favorite sides. So you will feel confident and sexy, and this electrification will be transmitted to the guy and excite him.

Be inspired by movie cliches: emphasize long legs with stockings and heels, lips with red lipstick, and breasts with a deep neckline. Or come up with something of your own: surely someone is turned on by the elegant fingers of a strict teacher, with which she holds a pointer.

5. Let him dream up

You can, on the contrary, hide some details ‑ for example, with the help of translucent fabrics or beautiful underwear. Even if you have been dating for a very long time and there are no unfamiliar body parts for a partner, this element of intrigue can be great to start. Again, your sense of self also affects: if you feel sexy, then you broadcast it to others.

6. Connect body language

Play with your hair, run your finger along your neck and collarbones, swing your leg. You can add seductiveness to almost any action if the partner is ready for these signals. Well, consider the place: for example, in the dining room of the institute, such gestures look as strange as possible.

7. Kiss him

Start with light and teasing kisses, and then move on to more passionate ones: greedy, with gentle biting. And don't just focus on the lips or the face. Try to kiss the earlobe, go down to the neck and collarbones. At this moment, do not forget about your hands. There are a million options: stroke his back, squeeze his hair, touch his buttocks. Try and note the reaction of the partner's body to yourself in order to know exactly which goal is worth hitting.

8. Tap

You can touch not only during a kiss. You can offer massage : start with the neck, shoulders, arms or feet, switch to the back and buttocks.

9. Dance

You don't have to be a pro to dance for your man. This is a situation where grades are given not for technique, but for artistry. Turn on your favorite track and give yourself to the music completely. Such openness and sincerity are very exciting.

10. Take matters into your own hands

Take the initiative, take off your clothes or start undressing your partner, push him against the wall or bed, climb on top like a rider. Don't be afraid to be funny or ridiculous: if there are sparks between you, then such pressure will definitely be accepted positively.

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