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About Everything Wiki » Sexology » 18 masturbation techniques for women and men

18 masturbation techniques for women and men

03 Jun 2023, 00:01, parser
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To begin with, let's recall a simple rule: if it seems to you that it would not hurt to add lubricants, it does not seem to you. Masturbation "on dry‑ can lead to irritation due to friction.  So be sure to use the lubricant in all the techniques listed below. It is better to be water-based: such products are universal.

If you are already using lubricant, try increasing its amount. A light wet slide can take your fingers further than usual, and make your movements more confident and bold. And perhaps this will be the key to orgasm.

Masturbation techniques for women

1. With a shower head

Try massaging the perineum not with your fingers, but with trickles of water, let them penetrate into the most secluded places of your body. If such a "tickle" does not seem enough, the nozzle can be removed — then the effect of the water jet under pressure will become even more noticeable.

Option: buy a special shower head in a sex shop. It helps to adjust the diameter and pressure of the water jet, as well as accurately set the direction of its movement. Such props can also be used to stimulate an extremely sensitive clitoris.

2. With a towel

This technique can be called a simulator of the famous rider pose. Take a chair, put a thick towel twisted by a roller on it, sit on top of the structure and start the classic movements of the "woman on top" format. By the way, you can masturbate in this way without taking off your panties.

3. With towel and vibrator

The scheme is the same as in the previous paragraph, just wrap a sex toy in a towel . Naturally, after turning it on.

What to buy

4. In front of the mirror

Watching porn videos is exciting. But watching yourself in intimate moments excites no less. Try to masturbate in front of the mirror. You can even install it closer to see in detail everything that your fingers are doing.

5. With video accompaniment

Just turn on the video in which the main character successfully and incendiously satisfies herself, and copy her, repeat the movements. People tend to empathize with what they see on the screen, identify themselves with the actors, so when the girl from the plot experiences an orgasm, there is a high probability that you will also be covered with sensations.

6. To the music

A well-chosen playlist can improve your training results. In the same way, music can set you up for an orgasm. Pick up rhythmic compositions that seem especially exciting to you, and move your fingers or vibrator to the beat.

7. Hand-"scissors"

Make a V sign from the index and middle fingers of either hand and place the pads of your fingers on either side of the outer labia. Then, working with your fingers like scissors, begin to move the labia towards each other, squeeze them. Increase or decrease the pressure and tempo depending on the sensations.

8. With the whole hand

Grasp the outer labia with your index finger and little finger. And the middle and ring fingers are gently inserted into the vagina — so that their inner side touches the clitoris at the same time. Make the middle and nameless forward and backward movements. And at the same time, grab and squeeze the pubic area with your palm and free thumb to enhance the sensations.

9. Without hands

In principle, they are in masturbation — an optional thing. Here are a couple of simple positions in which orgasm can be achieved without hands. Sit on a chair, cross your legs and bring your hips together as much as possible. Squeeze and relax the buttocks, gradually increasing the pace.

The second option: lie on your stomach, spread your legs and, moving your buttocks, start rubbing your clitoris on the bed (you can put a pillow under your hips). First, do it at the slowest, most relaxed pace, listening to the sensations. As a pleasant warmth spreads in the groin, accelerate.

Masturbation techniques for men

1. Palm friction

Grasp the erect penis at the base with one hand and rub its trunk and head against the open palm of the other. Due to the fact that the point of contact is constantly changing, the stimulation will seem unexpected, diverse and will quickly lead to orgasm.

2. Descent‑ascent

Another way to diversify stimulation. Grasp member at the base in a fist, squeeze and slide up to the head. When you reach the end, turn your fist so that the thumb is at the bottom, and go down to the base of the penis. Repeat the movements, turning the fist up and down.

3. "Milking"

Grasp the penis at the base in any convenient way — for example, in a fist or in a ring of index and thumb. Slide your hand to the head of the penis as if you are trying to "milk" something out of it. When you reach the head, unclench your fingers and simultaneously grasp the base of the organ with your other hand. Repeat. Alternate hands, gradually accelerating the pace.

By the way, the technique of "milking" is key in jelking. This is the name of the method of physical stimulation that some optimists use to increase the penis.

4. On the side

Lie on your side, pull your knees up to your stomach. By moving your upper leg towards and away from you, you will be able to stimulate the trunk and head of the penis. When the excitement becomes palpable, straighten and stretch your legs, wrap your hand around the penis and, moving your hips, complete the process.

5. Lying on your stomach

Lie on your side, wrap your hand around the penis closer to the head. Then roll over on your stomach — so that your fist rests against the mattress. Start entering the hand, as you do with normal sex — moving your hips.

6. In the shower

Games with shower heads are not just for women. Take a shower sprayer, direct jets of warm water to the perineum, pubis, base and trunk of the penis, testicles. Make circular movements to catch the most pleasant pace and discover the most sensitive points.

When the excitement becomes unbearable, without delaying the shower, help yourself with your free hand.

7. With toys

The simplest and most affordable option is a male masturbator. There are dozens of types of them: gadgets for simulating vaginal and oral sex, manual and automatic, heated and realistic sound. Just go to a sex shop, ask to see the assortment ‑ and your masturbation will never be the same.

What to buy

8. With pillows

Put two pillows side by side, tightly pressed against each other, and place the penis in the gap between them. Start moving your hips as in a normal sexual act and at the same time squeeze the pillows with your hands, shifting them at different angles and adjusting the depth of the hollow.

Please note: after such masturbation, the pillowcases will have to be changed.

9. With elements of anal sex

The prostate is called How to Masturbate with a Penis: 12 Tips for Solo Play the male G—spot, and perhaps it is your way to achieve an amazing solo orgasm. Try to feel it.

To do this, carefully examine the area near the anus with your fingers (lubrication is mandatory!), gradually penetrating into the anus. The prostate is located at a depth of about 5 centimeters, on the side of the pubis. It is easy to identify by touch — it is a small rounded bulge.

Gently and gently massage the prostate with stroking movements up and down. With your free hand, you can caress your testicles and penis to increase arousal.

If you feel uncomfortable using your finger, try anal stimulators — these tiny vibrators adapted to the male body can be bought in any sex shop.

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