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About Everything Wiki » Get Rich » The best Life Hacker articles in 2022 that will help you save and earn

The best Life Hacker articles in 2022 that will help you save and earn

08 Jun 2023, 12:02, parser
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4 psychological features that prevent getting out of poverty

Image: CGN089/Shutterstock

There can be many reasons for financial problems: the state of the economy, low wages, high prices, and so on. But sometimes we ourselves make a serious contribution to ensure that our situation does not improve. For example, we do not believe that it is possible to become richer, and therefore we do not make any efforts for this. Therefore, it is important to know about cases when it is necessary to understand yourself first.

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6 major expenditure items that are worth reviewing if you want to save money

Image: Isleem/Shutterstock

To save more, you need to earn more or spend less. There are often problems with the second one: how to cut important items of expenditure if they include everything you need? We have figured out this issue and give practical advice that can be immediately implemented.

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6 ways to get money that we ignore — and for nothing

Image: Polina Miroshnichenko / Life hacker

In difficult times, I want to be safe and use all sources of income. What if right now you can have a lot more money than it seems? Where to get them, they told in the material.

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How to distinguish real dollars and euros from fake ones

Image: megaflopp/Shutterstock

In recent years, many of us have become accustomed to non-cash payments and storing money in bank accounts. But 2022, with its limitations, has made its own adjustments. It is almost impossible to buy currency in banks, you have to resort to the help of exchangers and individuals. Therefore, it is especially important to be able to distinguish real bills from cut paper.

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5 strangest ways to earn money

A shot from the movie "Fight Club"

If you still don't know what you want to do for a living, don't give up. Money can be made on almost anything. We have collected some examples for inspiration.

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6 ways to save money that you should learn from your parents

Image: Olya Egide / Lifehacker

Not all the life wisdom of adult relatives should be followed. Many of them do not work in modern realities, and some have never worked at all. But some methods of saving are worth trying on yourself to save more money.

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12 free courses that will teach you to understand finance

Image: Olya Egide / Lifehacker

In 2022, we have updated a selection of courses that will help you understand more about economic processes - global and those that concern your wallet.

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What is a default and how does it affect ordinary citizens

Image: Master1305 / Purlo Punk / Shutterstock /Lifehacker

In 2022, the word "default" ceased to sound like greetings from the past and increasingly began to appear in forecasts. We figured out what it is and whether it is worth being afraid of.

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How to worry less about money if everything around is rapidly getting more expensive

Image: Vershinin89/Shutterstock

They say that happiness is not in money. But without them, it is difficult to satisfy basic needs and start thinking high. Therefore, anxiety over finances can significantly ruin life. But it is important to cope with it so that feelings do not interfere with the situation.

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Stores offer to pay for goods using a QR code. Is there a catch here

Image: Nattakorn_Maneerat/Shutterstock

In 2022, more and more stores offered customers this payment method. We figured out who benefits from it and whether it is worth agreeing to scan QR codes.

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Is it worth investing in precious metals now

Image: Lifehacker

In recent years, more and more people have become interested in investing. But 2022 played a cruel joke on us. Domestic securities sank, it became not so easy to buy foreign ones. At such moments, I want to turn to conservative precious metals, but is it worth it?

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How much money does it cost to keep in cash

Image: RoseRodionova / Shutterstock / Lifehacker

I want to keep my savings so that they are not devoured by inflation. But it is better to have some free money. We are figuring out exactly how much.

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