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About Everything Wiki » Sexology » 10 remote-controlled sex toys

10 remote-controlled sex toys

29 May 2023, 13:58, parser
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1. Satisfyer Vibration Stimulator

The Satisfyer Heated Thrill Connect operates in 12 modes and allows you to choose the optimal vibration pattern and intensity of stimulation. The trunk of the toy is curved, and the tip is rounded — thanks to this shape, it will be possible to effectively affect the front wall of the vagina. For safety, there is a locking ring on the other side of the vibrator.

The vibration stimulator can be used in the shower or in the bathtub, but it is not recommended to immerse it in water for more than half an hour. The toy has a heating function up to 39 °C. This chip in combination with silicone material makes the gadget as pleasant as possible to use.

The settings are changed using mechanical buttons on the handle or in the smartphone app. This will help couples discover a new kind of interaction with each other, even from a distance. The working length of the vibrator is 12 cm, diameter — 3.7 cm.

Price: from 5,881 rubles.


2. Lovense Dolce Double Vibration Stimulator

Another toy for those who do not mind sometimes transferring control of their enjoyment to another person. The model works through a mobile application, where you can adjust the vibration power level and save the selected modes for future use. The flexible neck of the Lovense Quake vibration stimulator will allow you to adjust the angle of entry of the toy in order to comfortably affect the clitoris and the front wall of the vagina.

The waterproof gadget is made of medical silicone and ABS plastic. The built–in battery is responsible for the autonomy, which provides 1.5-2 hours of continuous operation.

Price: from 17,091 rubles.


3. Vibrator‑Rabbit Satisfyer

A classic model for simultaneous exposure to the clitoris and vaginal penetration. The rounded shape of the head, pleasant to the touch medical silicone and the heating function up to 40 ° C make the toy pleasant to use.

The model can transform a partner's laughter, conversations or music into vibration. These and other sounds can become unique programs of stimulation. In addition to the application on a smartphone or tablet, the toy can be controlled via an Apple Watch smartwatch. Syncing with Android devices is also available.

The rabbit is charged using a magnetic bundled cable. The adapter for the outlet must be purchased separately. The working length of the toy is 20.4 cm, the diameter is 4.4 cm.

Price: 6 006 rubles.


4. MAGIC MOTION vibration ring

An erection ring is put on the base of the penis and blocks the outflow of blood — due to this, erection improves and ejaculation slows down. The vibrating part of the ring will give a pleasant feeling to both the man and his partner. Vibration mode can be selected from the suggested ones or create your own. Vibration also knows how to adjust to the rhythm of the sounding music.

The vibration ring is controlled by voice commands and via a smartphone app. In addition to the usual settings, you can track the speed, duration and intensity of sexual intercourse in it. The diameter of the inner ring is 4.95 cm .

Price: from 5,691 rubles.


5. Vibrating lining in Baile panties

This toy can be used wherever you are: at home, on your way to work or school, on a walk. You don't have to reach for the gadget to switch modes — a remote control is provided for ease of use. The memory function will be able to run the last selected program out of the 12 suggested ones.

The vibrating pad is made of silicone that is pleasant to the touch, it is attached to the underwear with a special magnet.

Price: 9,753 rubles.


6. Vibrator in Panties Satisfyer

Little Secret is another miniature panty toy that can be used anywhere. There are 10 vibration modes of varying intensity available to choose from. If none of them delivers the desired sensations, you will be able to create your own in the smartphone app. The toy is also controlled there. You can do this with the help of mechanical buttons on the case or via the remote control. Hypoallergenic vibrating pad is not afraid of water and works almost silently.

Price: 5,890 rubles.


7. Vacuum Wave Vibration Stimulator Satisfyer

The Satisfyer Love Triangle vacuum wave vibration stimulator combines non‑contact wave action and intense vibration. The compact toy comes complete with a hygienic lid that protects the silicone bell from dust. This makes the gadget an ideal companion during travel and business trips. The vibrator is controlled by buttons and through the application.

The kit comes with a 30 ml JO Agape Warming water-based lubricant. It mimics natural lubrication, suitable for use during masturbation and penetrative sex. The lubricant contains an extract of capsicum, thanks to which a pleasant feeling of warmth occurs when in contact with the skin.

Price: 8,490 rubles.


8. Butt Plug Satisfyer

The butt plug with 12 vibration modes is suitable for solo use, playing with a partner or preparing for anal sex. The diameter of the toy is 3 cm, the length of the working area is 10 cm. There is an extension at the base that will ensure security during penetration. The toy is made of silicone. To control the gadget, you need to install a special application on your smartphone.

Price: from 5,121 rubles.


9. Vibrating RABBIT

The device with a loop on the tip and a remote control is designed to stimulate the clitoris, vagina, nipples and other erogenous zones. There are 10 vibration modes stated in the product description, but in the reviews one of the customers indicates that there is only one mode. It is controlled by a vibrating screen using a remote control. A budget toy is unlikely to impress the sophisticated, but beginners may like it. The material is safe silicone.

Price: 1,990 rubles.


10. Baile vaginal vibroshariki

Small vaginal balls with a diameter of 3.6 cm weigh 150 g. They will be easy to hold with the muscles of the vagina when performing Kegel exercises. However, training is not the only reason why they may be needed.

Balls with soft spikes vibrate in seven modes, gently massage intimate areas and give pleasant sensations. A wired remote control is provided to control the gadget. The balls are made of thermoplastic rubber.

Price: 3,290 rubles.


Please note: prices are valid at the time of publication. Stores can update the cost of goods during the day.

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