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About Everything Wiki » Sexology » 7 tips for those who want to experience multi-orgasms

7 tips for those who want to experience multi-orgasms

29 May 2023, 13:55, parser
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According to statistics What does having multiple orgasms feel like? / The Femedic , in men 95% of sexual acts end in orgasm, in women — about O. Kontula, A. Miettinen. Determinants of female sexual orgasms / Socioaffective neuroscience & psychology half. But, if you try, the partner can reach the climax again and again.

What are multiple orgasms

Orgasm is the peak of pleasant sexual sensations, which is manifested by a series of contractions of the perineal muscles. If there are several such peaks during one sexual act, then such an orgasm can be called multiple, or multiorgasm.

The sexuality of each person is unique, so it is very difficult to "measure" multiple orgasms. Researchers have questions:

  • How many muscle contractions count as an orgasm and when to celebrate the beginning of the next one?
  • And if the muscles practically do not contract, and there is still a feeling of peak, is it an orgasm or not?
  • And what if we take for multiple orgasms just one long one?

That is, the idea of "one is good, but many are better" is destroyed about the subjectivity and individuality of each person.

Who can have multi-orgasms

The sexual cycle consists of Sexual arousal in women / NHS Go of four stages: arousal — plateau — orgasm — resolution, or calming. After the final stage, a refractory period follows, when the body can no longer respond to stimulation and even painful sensations occur. Because of this, it is believed that multiorgasm is the prerogative of women, because the penis is too sensitive to touch after.

Therefore, it seems that a man can cum only once for each sexual act. On the other hand, some young men have a very short refractory period, so they can reach orgasm several times in a matter of minutes. In this case, it is difficult to say what it is: multiple orgasms or just several discharges in a row.

With women, too, not everything is clear. For some, the clitoris becomes very sensitive after orgasm. For them, attempts to achieve multiorgasm can be very painful. Others have a shorter refractory period J. G. Pfaus, G. R. Quintana, C. M. Cionnaith, M. Parada. The whole versus the sum of some of the parts: toward resolving the apparent controversy of clitoral versus vaginal orgasms / Socioaffective Neuroscience & Psychology , so you can catch several waves at once.

What are multi-orgasms

Each orgasm is individual, so it makes no sense to single out any subtypes. In men, it is associated with penis stimulation, and in women — the clitoris. And no more features.

Can all women achieve multiorgasm

In theory, yes, because again it's about perception. Some even after an orgasm do not always understand whether it was. And according to surveys, only 65% of women reach at all D. A. Frederick, H. K. St. John, J. R. Garcia, E. A. Lloyd. Differences in Orgasm Frequency Among Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Heterosexual Men and Women in a U. S. National Sample / Archives of Sexual Behavior climaxes during sex with a partner.

Psychologists consider How Multiple Orgasms Occur, and Who Has Them / Psychology Today that the frequency of reports of multiple orgasms is increasing with the expansion of people's awareness and their sexual horizons. In a 1953 study, out of several thousand respondents, 14% had multiple orgasms. And in 1991, 43% of female students admitted this.

Could they be wrong? Yes. Because this is a subjective indicator. So no one will tell you how common this story really is.

How can a woman increase the chance of multiple orgasms

To get multiple orgasms, you need to reach the first one and continue stimulation if it does not cause pain. So any advice for improving sex is fair here.

1. Relax

If you are too fixated on multiple orgasms, squirting or any other "sexy unicorn", then you are unlikely to relax and enjoy yourself. Think less about scenarios and the right order.

2. Train your pelvic floor muscles

Kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles increase Kegel Exercises (Pelvic Floor Exercises) / Cleveland Clinic quality of intimate life. They strengthen the muscles of the vagina, improve blood circulation, including to produce more lubricant, and help to achieve orgasm more often.

3. Masturbate

74% of women who say that they have had multiple orgasms admitted that they received How Multiple Orgasms Occur, and Who Has Them / Psychology Today them during masturbation. This is logical — no one knows us better than we do.

4. Create the right mood

Usually women need What is foreplay? / Planned Parenthood about 20 minutes to warm up, so that the blood flows to the genitals and a natural lubricant is released. If you take your time, it will be easier to get an orgasm.

5. Stimulate the desired zones

Can a man achieve orgasm without penis stimulation? Yes, but it will take more time and effort. 85% of women need to orgasm Lori Mintz. The point of enjoyment clitoral stimulation, so focus on it: use toys or invite your partner to make you cunnilingus.

6. Take your time

If we assume that an orgasm is like jumping off a cliff, then the closer we can get to the edge, the sharper the sensations will be. Stop several times before allowing yourself to finish, then the climax will be much stronger than usual.

7. Don't stop there

If the peak is passed, then you can carefully try to continue the stimulation. Perhaps this will lead to another orgasm. But if the feeling is not pleasant, then it's better to stop. In the end, what difference does it make what is the name of orgasm, if the participants enjoyed the process.

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